5 Types of men that attract women


Not all men who are popular with women are necessarily handsome. Beauty is basically a relative concept. But, nevertheless, there is a category of such individuals who are popular with almost all prem representatives of the weaker sex. What is their secret? What qualities do women have? We try to figure it out.

Types of men that attract women


this man is incredibly powerful, strong, authoritative, and unyielding. from him and breathes certainty and firmness. he used to subdue and to be the undisputed leader. the lord respects and values themselves, not jealous of others and never will put himself in a relationship.

with such a man any woman feels a queen, the chosen lucky one. it can be about anything not to worry and to be confident in the future. this category of alpha males is found among politicians, chiefs, businessmen, entertainers, and representatives of other professions.


Men with Creative personality

Freelance artist, living one day. he was a fickle, easily deceived, and susceptible to mood, which changes him spontaneously. he can not wait for expensive gifts and luxurious gestures, but a song, poem, painting, or dance – easily! he uses his artistic skills to attract the fairer sex, and women are glad to serve for such a romantics chosen muse.

Creative person

Mysterious Stranger

A mysterious and charming man who attracts attention with his originality There is always some kind of zest in him. He owns the ancient technique of massage or exploring extinct languages. In any case, women are attracted to their abilities, accent, or rich experience and knowledge. With such a man, there is always a risk to burn out, because of the mysterious image, sooner or later, dissipates and becomes uninteresting.

Mysterious stranger


This is a man from the category of “free wind”. Today he is here, and tomorrow at a rock festival conquers the mountain peaks at the other end of the country or canoe in mountain rivers. Nothing holds him, he is always easy to lift. His life is solid adrenaline and adventure. He is a hostage of freedom, and the motorcycle and the tailwind are his loyal comrades. Women love such rebels and savages and secretly hope that one of them will walk and settle down. But honestly, these are very ghostly hopes.


Unique copy

This man sincerely believes that it is very difficult to triple, developed more than others, and in general – not from this world. No one can understand him, he lives in his world and in his concepts, being in the eternal search for a “soul mate”. Some women are flattered by the prospect of becoming the very special one that he would call worthy of himself, able to understand his delicate organization of the soul. But casting for a decent role can last forever.

Unique copy

All this gradation, of course, is very conditional, but, you see, each of us has a representative of one type or another among acquaintances. Perhaps you yourself succumbed to the spell or influence of one of them. If your story ended “happily ever after” – great, but if not, there are always options among other categories.

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