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Top 10 interesting facts about cats


Cats are animals that have been living with humans for many years. Favorite fuzzies always had a vital energy that protected the house from evil forces. It has long been established that they can treat the host for various diseases.

Not without reason, at random, it is always the cat that is first launched into the house.

Cats are also real mascots. Those with it at home are already waiting for something good and favorable. Its color can say a lot. For example, white cats can heal, and black cats can help you have monetary wealth.

This article will look at ten interesting facts about cats.

1. In Japan, they were the highest award from the emperor to their entourage.

In Japan, They Were The Highest Award From The Emperor To Their Entourage

Cats first appeared in Japan around the 6th century. It was considered to be the highest reward that the emperor could give to his entourage.

There are currently about ten million cats living in Japan. It is worth noting that here even once a year, on February 22, a holiday is celebrated — the Day of Cats. The date was not chosen by chance. The Japanese pronounce the twenty-second day of the second month as “ni-ni-ni,” a three-fold”meow.”

And also, in Japan, various cat contests are held, as well as fashion shows. At such events, animals are dressed up in beautiful clothes, bows, hairpins, and exclusive collars are put on them. Everyone can appreciate them.

2. The Vikings represented an animal with the goddess Freya

The Vikings Represented An Animal With The Goddess Freya

Vikings were very fond of cats. They helped not only to save grain from mice but also were used as a source of fur. Very often, they were left to guard the barns.

The cat was considered a totem animal of the goddess Freyja. Freyja is the goddess of beauty, magic, war and love, life and death. It controls the world of feelings and emotions and the natural elements.

It was said that the goddess moved on a chariot drawn by cats. The mittens on her hands were made of cat fur. That is why the Vikings very often personified these animals with Freyja.

3. In ancient Egypt, they were considered the incarnation of the goddess Bast

In Ancient Egypt, They Were Considered The Incarnation Of The Goddess Bast

Bast is the ancient Egyptian goddess of joy, love, hearth, and cats. She was always depicted with the head of a cat but the body of a woman.

Her veneration began in the 10th century BC. Many believed that cats were the embodiment of this goddess. Some spoke of her as a destroyer but also a bright helper of the human race.

4. In modern culture, a symbol of home and comfort

In Modern Culture, A Symbol Of Home And Comfort

Currently, domestic cats are considered a symbol of hearth and comfort. It creates a pleasant mood in the house for residents. Sometimes, when wrong, the cat comes, purrs, and the soul immediately becomes warmer.

The cat also acts as a symbol of mystery and independence.

5. In Russia, one of the main characters of folk tales, proverbs, and superstitions

In Russia, One Of The Main Characters Of Folk Tales, Proverbs And Superstitions

Cats have always been highly valued in Russia. They have always been considered sacred animals.

In the mythology of the Slavs, cats have always been the favorite characters of fairy tales, proverbs, and various superstitions. The cat was costly, and such a gift was highly appreciated.

Many also believed these animals could leave our world and communicate with spirits elsewhere. The most famous sayings about cats: are “Without a cat is not a hut,” “On the mouse and the cat is a beast,” and many others.

6. The legend of how a cat saved the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from a snake bite

The Legend Of How A Cat Saved The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) From A Snake Bite

A well-known legend says that Muhammad was very fond of cats. In the East, he was often called their father. He was believed to have taught them to fall on four paws. And also gave them a separate place in paradise, where they went after death.

According to one of the beliefs, Muhammad’s (PBUH) cat saved him from a snake bite. He stroked it, and the cat had beautiful stripes on its back.

7. Buddhist monks bred sacred cats

Buddhist Monks Bred Sacred Cats

Every Buddhist knows this story. Once upon a time, the cat was the only animal that lived in the time of the great Buddha. One day, when he was on his way to freedom, all the animals gathered around the body to mourn him. Everyone was there except the cat. This animal, meanwhile, was catching mice. Then, the cat was excluded from the list of animals subject to complete protection.

But there is another version of this story. When the Buddha was dying, everyone gathered except the cat. The rat began to lick the oil from one of the lamps, but the cat caught it and ate it. That is why it was considered a blessing. The cat saved the oil that was fragrant around the Buddha. But on the other hand, she did a bad thing because the Buddha told all beings to love each other.

Since that time, it has been believed that the cat brings not only evil but also good. It is worth noting that the legend carries a significant meaning. The cat symbolizes the lower cosmic forces, which should not be found in more than one real Buddhist.

The attitude towards cats has changed thanks to Buddhist monks. They believe that the spirit of their king has moved into the cat. This is why these animals are always present at events such as coronations.

Currently, the monks are actively engaged in breeding sacred cats. They call them little tigers, which are capable of guarding treasures.

8. Creme Puff – a real long-liver, lived 38 years

Creme Puff A Real Long Liver, Lived 38 Years

One of the famous cats, which got into the Guinness Book of Records for its longevity, is called Creme Puff. She lived for 38 years and three days.

A cat named Creme lived in the United States with her owner. Many experts believe that the secret to the long life of these animals is a special diet. It included foods like eggs, bacon, and broccoli.

The owner said Creme Puff spent the rest of her life running around the city streets.

9. About 200 breeds have been bred

About 200 Breeds Have Been Bred

Scientists-geneticists have bred about 200 breeds of cats. Such animals are well adapted to life at home. But simultaneously, they gradually begin to forget about their real purpose — to catch mice.

In most cases, cats and cats live in our house to pet them or give them something delicious to eat. Most often, rat catchers and mousetraps can only be found in villages. And even then, not everywhere.

Currently, even rare breeds have been bred. For example, these include munchkin-short-legged cats. They also have another name — “dachshund cats.”

One of the new but rare breeds is the Toyger. These are cats that look like tigers. For the first time, they began to appear in Italy. Externally, they look like tiny domestic tiger cubs.

10. Domestication occurred approximately 9,500 years ago

Domestication Occurred Approximately 9,500 Years Ago

Not many people know that cats were first domesticated about six thousand years ago. It happened in Ancient Egypt. But currently, archaeologists are finding various images of cats that date back to 4000-5000 years.

Human remains were found near Hieron, and cats were found beside them. The approximate age is about 9,000 years. It is worth noting that during excavations in Turkey, figurines were discovered. The figures depicted women together with cats. The approximate date of birth is the 6th millennium BC.

Other data also exists. They are updated almost every year. Scientists tried to prove that the cats were first in Cyprus and then moved to Egypt with people from the Middle East. This suggests that animals have lived together with humans for almost 10,000 years.

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