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Unusual Date

Unusual date: Most dates are very banal, namely: going to a cafe or a cinema … Undoubtedly, this is all a long time ago, everyone is tired and does not cause any interest. But you want to please your soul mate with fresh ideas! And therefore we have prepared some fascinating ideas for an unforgettable date.

These are the 10 ideas for the unusual date

Hike to the planetarium

Hike To The Planetarium

If you want something fresh, the planetarium is the best place. Stars, the sky – all this is very interesting and entertaining. In addition, many cities have opened 3D planetariums that allow viewers to watch movies in 3D without glasses or in comfortable chairs. This amazing presentation will not leave anyone indifferent.

Romantic night date on the beach

Romantic Night Date On The Beach

Just imagine, the lake, the beach, and the two of you … Take along wine and a little food, make a small dinner. After that, go swimming together, it will give you an unforgettable experience. Make a fire, remember how you met, look at the stars, meet the dawn … Dedicate this evening to pleasant stories …

Adventure date

Adventure Date

Send by e-mail a map of your city, which today will be exclusively yours. Naturally, you will have to work at it: paint everything as romantic as possible, makeup symbols, etc. Then pass the wheel to him. Let him pick up a compass and go on the road. His place of arrival is your seat. Do not complicate the card, because, God forbid, still lost. But if he finds you in this test, be convinced – your knight will find you everywhere.

Horse riding

Horse Riding

To do this, go to the nearest equestrian center. There is no more skill? It’s okay, just say that you are new to this business, and you will be found the quietest horse. Also, in each stable, there is a special groom, who for a small fee will teach you to keep yourself in the saddle.

On nature

On Nature

If the weather allows, put on comfortable shoes and go to the park. Here you can ride a boat or feed the ducks. If you still prepare something tasty for a picnic with your own hands – your young man will simply be smitten. For a longer date, go out of town and do some work. For example, fishing. The main thing, do not forget to collect more warm clothes, a blanket, food, and matches. You can not even fish, but simply pretend or lie, laugh, cook on the fire, bake potatoes in the coals, conduct various conversations about life, count the stars, etc.

Trip to the zoo

Hike To The Zoo

At the same time see how your new boyfriend loves animals. Also, admire them, feed the friendly kids, and share a picture with a snake.

Visit the museum

Visit To The Museum

Museums live not only for teenagers and adult women. If you think that your boyfriend will be too bored in the midst of dusty pictures, go to the museum of technology, then his imagination will be played out. Or to the dinosaurs in the Museum of Paleontology.

Adrenaline date

Adrenaline Date

Some people jump with a parachute in order to get adrenaline, and for some, it is enough to have bungee jacks. If these ideas cause you to fear, then just go to football, or walk on the roof of the house. Versions are available, but just think well: maybe it is better to go to the zoo as standard?

Date at the rink

Date At The Rink

This kind of date is not for everyone. If your partner has experience in ice skating, it’s wonderful, but if he doesn’t, then he is unlikely to want to try the proverb “like a cow on ice”, but again, this does not apply to everyone. From the second side, you will have the opportunity to become a skating instructor and help your companion literally in everything, and this event will allow you to touch each other, and this is a big step forward.

Date at the karaoke club

Date At The Karaoke Club

This option is definitely not suitable for a first date. After all, the karaoke club, as a rule, is noisy, music is playing, and you may not have time to talk. On the other hand, if you are two musicals, then why not. Find out how your partner relates to karaoke, and then decide whether to go or not.

Some tips:

Leave your chores behind

Leave Your Chores Behind

The first two dates are not a pretext to discuss your former Don Juan who threw you, an alcoholic father, or a mentally unbalanced boss. But it is not necessary, also to speak a lie, since the conversation turned to unpleasant things. Complaining and telling the truth are completely different things. If you can not tolerate your service, and especially your leader, you simply should not discuss them.

Learn to ask the right questions.

As a rule, before each date, women start to worry at all about those things: “Will he or will he not laugh at my jokes?” “Will he mark my new hairstyle or not?” fears are confirmed. Who would like to spend their time on a person who is constantly worried? The goal of the date is not to make a terrific impression on the young man, but to make sure that he has a great time and enjoys every minute of communication with you.

Learn To Ask The Right Questions

Questions should be asked interesting, to which he would like to answer. Undoubtedly, he was already bored with questions such as: “Where are you working?” “Do you like your occupation?”, Etc. Be unusual, your goal is to make him feel comfortable, and not as if he is being tested. You can, for example, find out: “What questions do people usually ask about work? Do you feel tired by your manager? Why did you prefer this job directly? ”Similar questions will help take the conversation to the next, deeper, personal level.

Always be up to date.

On the eve of a future date, view the news or read the latest newspapers. When you are aware of the resulting events – you will always find something to discuss after you tell each other how many brothers and sisters you have.

Always Be Up To Date

We hope that you liked some ideas, and you use them to add bright moments to your life.

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