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The doctors: excessive use of water is dangerous for health


Doctors believe that excessive use of water is injurious to health. The arguments of the experts presented in the publication Business Insider.

800-1000 ml of water per hour is permissible because the kidney is able to handle all that. Exceeding this measure disturbs the balance of sodium in the body. Cells, in the end, trying to restore the balance.


Intoxication” with water, according to doctors, it difficult to regulate blood pressure. This causes damage to brain function, coma and even death.

Doctors say that over-hydration can be just as dangerous as dehydration. According to them, people who have kidney problems, the most vulnerable in this case.

Three to four liters of water a day – the norm for an adult.

Earlier researchers of the University of Pennsylvania said that drinking water helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

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