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Psychology is considered a young science, but in a short time, researchers and scientists were able to discover and explain many phenomena. But much remains a mystery to this day. And this riddle, at times, cannot be explained by science, in this case, psychologists resort to psychological tests. It is about interesting facts in the field of psychology that will be discussed further.

If you are interested in psychology

1. Memories and friends.

Many people do not even think about the fact that their memories can be wrong. They can seriously bring a person, especially in a situation of stress. If after severe stress the person to ask about events that were connected with it, he may not remember them. This is a paradox. On the one hand, we remember better what is full of emotions, and on the other, the brain can displace traumatic memories. This is not the only example where memories can let people down.

As for friends, it is important to note that a person may have a limited number of close ties. Even if a person with a lot of friends in social networks, it does not mean that he is close. When it comes to really close friends, psychologists say that the number may fluctuate in the aisles from 50 to 150 people.

2. Danger and accidents.

People will always stop and watch some accident or some dangerous situation. Each person has a list of these things that will make him stop and watch, may be different, but always it will happen. The observation time can also be different, but some time anyone will pay for monitoring the dangerous situation. This is due to the fact that a person has a brain structure responsible for all situations of danger and threat, which can get people. It is primarily related with the threat of life, the possibility of procreation and that can eat people food. When a person is in such situations, it is always the first reaction is a question: it threatens my security, can have it and if I can engage in intimacy with another person.

3. Peace and defending his opinions.

Interestingly, the person who is more relaxed in conversation and dispute, it may be faster and more effective to defend their case. People subconsciously begin to argue the opposite point of view before the person who shows excessive emotions in the proof of his innocence. The one who does it quietly, can reach its goal faster like the other idea to contradict him.

4. Stores and prices for products.

In stores often run the manipulation of the prices of the products, and also with the amount of this product for a price. For example, if a product is worth 25 cents apiece, then it will buy less than if put price of $ 1 for 4 pieces. This is not the only trick used by the sellers in the stores.

5. Man can do many things at once. Even if a person performs a specific action at the same time, there comes a moment when the brain switches between these transmitting actions priority one actions at a certain time. It happens unconsciously and so fast that people think you can do several things at once. In fact, it’s impossible.

6. The number of people on the left side is always less. People often make turns to the right. This can be a familiar place, and may not be familiar, but if you want to be there where less people, then you need to turn left. Most often this works in unfamiliar places, and even where there is a queue.

7. Unlocks are a student or schoolchild will be better remembered if they are more than three. Such evaluations are remembered almost 90% of cases. Bad grades will remember only 30% of cases. Moreover, it happens that in the process of remembering, the estimates will be overstated. Real assessment may differ from that which remembers.

8. The number of partners in sex from men and women is almost the same, but men tend to overestimate this figure. As for women, they tend to understate the number of partners. This is due to the fact that it is believed that the man who has more female partners perceived more self-confident. It is also believed that for men to have many women, that’s fine. And for the girls to have a lot of men, it’s bad. That this is the reason for such differences, but the number of partners almost all the same.

9. If a person will hide their desire to manipulate others under the guise of honest intentions, then it will look in the eyes of others more false than the man that their manipulation does not hide. Thus, there is the most famous deception through honesty.

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