Cosmetology: Beauty is constantly evolving, with new techniques coming to replace the old. What awaits us soon? What changes will replace the usual methods of rejuvenating the body? Techniques used ten years ago is now obsolete.

Innovations in the field of hair removal

1. To get rid of excess hair on the face and body, apply a lot of techniques: sugar waxing, waxing, electric hair removal. The most popular and effective around the world is the removal of unwanted hair using a laser apparatus. The quality has no alternative! New methods to reduce the pain of this procedure. Laser hair removal is quite competitive, but the best clinic in my opinion.

2. Preparations containing botulinum toxin are planning to use in the future, as long as they have no decent alternatives! It can be used not only to correct scars but also to correct the shape of the body, to give it the required shape. There are the people that the substance is not valid, because now doctors are working on developing drugs for such patients. The drug “Dysport” has the same effect on the body like Botox, but it is used less often. Initially, “Dysport” was developed for the treatment of children suffering from cerebral palsy with tics and involuntary muscle contractions.

Innovations in cosmetology

3. This year we are faced with an innovation in aesthetic medicine that combines methods applicable in cosmetology and surgery.

4. Surgical cosmetology combines the use of masonite, the introduction of fillers, the use of laser and massage. From now on, to manipulate it, only people with higher medical education. Nurses or certified “beauticians” following the course are not allowed to work.

5. Doctors talking about it is not love, but the fact remains: after you apply the contouring possible risk of complications. The reason for this may be lack of medical experience, administration of drugs of dubious quality, chronic disease of the client. To reduce the risks to a minimum, mandatory program of training of cosmetologists includes anatomy.

6. The doctor does not always have information regarding patient safety for a particular technique, working at your own risk. Fifteen years ago, non-absorbable silicone gels were actively used by cosmetologists. In those years, there was no idea what the consequences could be. Nowadays, when the excessive popularity of hyaluronic acid breaks all records, it became clear that if acid gets into the zone where the gel had been introduced, it can move freely around the body. The consequence of such processes are catarrhal phenomena.

Hardware cosmetology

7. Appeared in the use of innovative installation that allows you to overcome rosacea, pigmentation, acne, to get rid of the fungal infection of the nail plate, win the sweating, dandruff.

8. On the approach of the house in this procedure, tattoo removal and tattoos. Now, many patients want to possess a clean body, no pictures and drawings, and the laser system is able to remove only red, green and blue, but with yellow they are not able to cope. Innovative laser machines could.

9. Development of new fillers, which will replace the hyaluronic acid with injections which often appear swelling. This side effect has often discredited the procedure itself.

Cosmetology is not standing still, important not to overdo it in the pursuit of youth and beauty!

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