Skin care: how to get rid of the 5 most common beauty problems?

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Skin Care

Skin care is a daily ritual that “extend” our youth. Today we decided to talk about the most common problems because they can appear at any age.

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Clean skin and even tone of the face are two trends that are always relevant. Sometimes some beauty problems get in the way. Among the most common are acne, pigmentation, excessive dryness, oily shine and puffiness under the eyes. They make you apply foundation, concealer, corrector and other masking agents.

We have prepared beauty tips to help you quickly deal with the problem. Let’s start with the first?

Restore skin with inJoy

With each replacement of the season, our skin first reacts to the lack of micronutrients deficiency. Easily restore the radiant appearance of the skin can at home using natural care from inJoy.

So peeling “Magic Skin” based on low-concentrated fruit multicolor (lactic, tartaric, pyruvic and citric ) solves the problem:

  •  Rosacea in the initial stage,
  •  Increased pigmentation;
  •  For acne, acne or post-acne;
  •  When mimic and/or age wrinkles of various depths;
  •  Narrows and cleans pores;
  •  Improve the structure and quality of the skin;
  •  Prevents premature aging processes of the cells.

Girls with dry skin enough to do exfoliation 1 time in 2 weeks. For normal, more — 1 time, but the fatty skin with acne can be cleaned 2 times a week.

By the way, after any peel, for 15 minutes, the cells maximally perceive what you are going to put on the skin. So take a moment to apply a mask or an active serum for the face “Bio Fresh” from the same line “Careline”.

The serum is concentrated with vitamins is about 10 times more than the most effective cream is able to:

  •  To repair DNA cells;
  •  To normalize the moisture balance of the skin and eliminate the dryness;
  •  To strengthen blood vessels;
  •  Affects unwanted pigmentation;
  •  Increase the elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Remember that the procedure can be done at least a week before the holiday and most importantly don’t forget about SPF protection!


1. Dry skin

Excessive skin dryness is one of the most common beauty problems. It can be the cause of the peeling and microcracks. How to solve?

  •  Use creams that will minimize the environmental impact.
  •  Moisturize the room with a special humidifier.
  •  Control the water temperature, because too hot the threads will be worse.
  •  Avoid dehydration. Drink more water.
  •  Don’t forget to do a hydrating mask for dry skin.

Moisturizing day cream Weleda


A nutritional cream perfect for dry skin. It moisturizes and protects from the negative influence of the environment. The composition is jojoba oil, which promotes skin regeneration and improves elasticity. Price from 300 UAH.

2. Acne

Acne is a skin disease that is triggered by disruption of the sebaceous glands. The causes are many. Among the most basic: stress, poor diet, hormonal disorders, chronic diseases or other problems in the body. How to solve the problem?

  • To consult a specialist who will be able to identify the root cause and prescribe treatment.
  •  Limit the contact of the skin with dirty hands and wipe the screen of your mobile phone special antibacterial wipes.
  •  Rethink your diet. Add more vitamins and refrain from drinking too fried, spicy, smoked food, as well as from carbonated beverages and alcohol.
  •  Clean skin means, which do not contain alcohol.
  •  Always protect the skin. In winter — nourishing cream, and in the summer — SPF-filter.
  •  A light exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells. This will improve the penetration of all components of your loved one’s care.

Serum with Niacinamide for skin problem RULE THE WORLD SERUM

Rule The World Serum

One of the best serums with niacinamide is from the brand First of All. Copes with acne and acne due to its powerful anti-bacterial effect narrows pores and regulates sebium production, which prevents the onset of acne. The balanced composition of the serum visibly brightens the skin tone, smoothes fine wrinkles and provides the effect of completely renewed skin. The price is 227 UAH.

3. Pigmentation

Pigmentation appears on the skin due to the improper distribution of melanin in the cells. Age spots can occur due to: aggressive cleansing, excessive exposure to UV rays, acne or other failures in the body. How to cope?

  •  Use clarifying tools. The best in the period when not too hot, because the ultraviolet radiation will exacerbate the situation.
  •  Use protective creams with SPF-filter.
  •  Undergoing lightening masks.
  •  Add to your beauty care active components: aloe juice, lemon or tea tree oil.
  •  Light peels once a month.

Day cream depigmenting SPF 30 Eucerin

Spf 30 Eucerin

The cream contains In-Resorcinol (evens skin tone), acid, oils and other active components. The product reduces and normalizes melanin production and accelerates regeneration. In addition, it protects and restores the normal moisture balance. Best used in tandem with night means. Price from 450 UAH.

4. Shine

Shine is one of the problems the owners of oily and combination skin types. It is the result of the sebaceous glands. How to deal with the problem?

  •  Pick up the means to cleanse the face with neutral pH (water balance).
  •  Replace dense texture on the lungs. For example, fluids.
  •  Make a homemade mask for oily skin clay-based.
  •  Rethink your diet. Add more grains and fruits.
  •  Use oil blotting sheets. A Must-have tool in your cosmetic bag!

Spray Sebo-regulating for oily and problem skin La-Roche-Posay


Spray for combination and oily skin. The main component of this product is zinc sulphate. It has an antibacterial effect and does not contain alcohol. Important point: the product is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), therefore it is suitable for acne-prone skin. Can be used before makeup. Price from 170 UAH.

5. Puffiness under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. It displays the overall condition of the body. Therefore, if you notice swelling, you should consult a specialist. If serious problems are identified, then we have beauty secrets that can help. How to cope?

  •  Make a light massage, which will help speed up the microcirculation.
  •  Use patches under the eyes (for best effect, store in the refrigerator).
  •  SOS-remedy for dark circles. Attach a cotton pad with rose water for 10 minutes.
  •  Choose an effective cosmetic product under the eyes, which will contain caffeine, vitamin C, retinol or hyaluronic acid.

Hydrogel patches Secret Key

Hydrogel-based firmly attached to the skin, so all the components better penetrate and affect the problem area. Moisturizes and tones! Ingredients include chamomile extract, collagen, aloe, lavender and rosemary. One of the key ingredients is colloidal gold (stimulates cell growth). Price from 350 UAH.

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