We have good news and bad news regarding the legs. The good news is that you don’t need to be tall and very thin to have the most beautiful legs.

The bad news is that you were either born with them or worked hard to achieve the perfect look for your female legs. Currently, there is no cosmetic surgery that would change the appearance of human legs, unlike all other parts of the body.

Let’s look at celebrities with the most beautiful legs:

10. Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson

It is not easy to become one of Victoria’s Secret angels, but Lindsay’s charming legs lifted her to the very heights of the modeling business. She participated in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year, starting in 2007 and ending in 2014.

Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay is working hard on his appearance, spending hours in the gym, and doing yoga to keep fit. Alas for the fans, only one person is allowed to stroke Ellingson’s legs – her husband Sean Clayton.

9. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

As a child, Charlize took classical ballet lessons and tried to make a career in this type of stage art, but could not because of the injury. Perhaps this is for the better because then the world would lose one of the most famous movie actresses in Hollywood.

Charlize Theron

By the way, Theron is the owner of not only a pair of sexy legs but also the title of the first South African to receive an Oscar for best actress (serial killer Eileen Wuornos in the movie “Monster”).

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

The wife of Iron Man does not try to hide that she is forced to visit the gym daily and sit on a strict diet. And in the end, her hard work pays off! Just look at her gorgeous legs and they will make you want to go to the gym more often.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Although this actress cannot boast the bigger breasts in Hollywood, her legs are in perfect order. And, even though the beautiful Rachel Green from the series “Friends” is already 50 years old, many men are still not averse to making friends with her.

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

A beautiful and talented singer and songwriter often choose short dresses for her concerts. And she is not mistaken in the choice of clothes, because it is pleasant to look at her graceful legs.

Taylor appreciates them so much that she insured for an astronomical amount of $ 40 million. That is how much the insurance company will pay her if the singer gets injured during the performance.

Taylor Swift

However, Swift is not the first celebrity to insure the most important part of his body. For example, the “golden legs” of Cristiano Ronaldo are insured for 160 million dollars.

And Indian stars also follow in the footsteps of foreign celebrities. 21-year-old participant of “House-2” Tanya Musulbes decided to insure her breasts for 10 million rubles.

5. Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova

The first vice-miss Russia of 2014 for her seductive forms was nicknamed “Russian Kim Kardashian.” Her outfits are frank, and fans like it, judging by the 2 million followers on Instagram.

Anastasia Reshetova

The Russian model favorably emphasizes her slender legs with the help of short skirts and long-heeled shoes.

In June 2019, Anastasia confirmed rumors about her pregnancy. The father of the future baby is rapper Timati.

4. Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel

The modest but very smart translator of Missandea from the most popular series of 2019 – “Game of Thrones” – fell in love with millions of viewers. Some were touched by her kindness and love for the Gray Worm, while others were touched by the beauty of Missandei, whose role brilliantly performed by Natalie.

By the way, with the Mother of Dragons (aka Emilia Clark in the world), Natalie is friendly both on the screen and outside. They even have small tea parties.

Nathalie Emmanuel

If you are one of those who have never watched the Game of Thrones, you may have seen Emmanuelle as the hacker Ramsey in the blockbusters Fast and Furious 7 and Fast and Furious 8. At the same time, the girl admitted in an interview that she does not have a driver’s license.

“I live in London! You just hop on the bus or the subway. It is much faster! You don’t need to drive a car, ”said Natalie.

In 2013 and 2015, the actress was in the top 100 sexiest women in the world according to FHM magazine.

3. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

The super successful singer in the style of R’n’B is one of those women whom you can equal in show business and life. Beyoncé’s debut album made it into the Top 200 of Decisive Albums in the History of Music and took its place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And in 2011, Billboard magazine presented her with the honorary Millennium Artist Award. Over the twenty years of her career, Beyoncé received 22 Grammy Awards.

Beyonce Knowles

In ordinary life, Beyoncé has three children and lives happily with her husband Sean Corey Carter.

By the way, the first Beyoncé pregnancy announcement at the end of her song “Love on Top” during VMA 2011 on MTV was included in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of tweets (8,868) per second.

2. Doutzen Cruz

Doutzen Cruz

In the photo of the most beautiful legs, you have already seen one of Victoria’s Secret Angel – Lindsay Ellingson. And here is her colleague, whose happy story makes you think that she is patronized by higher forces.

Doutzen Cruz did not enter the modeling business thanks to the famous photographer, the scout of the modeling agency, or the wealthy patron. The girl sent her photos to the agency, hoping to get “premium”. However, her beauty was noticeable even in low-quality images. Do you agree that Cruz is the true decoration of the catwalk?

Doutzen Cruz

By the way, the name Dautzen is translated from the Frisian language as “Dove”. The girl belongs to the small Frisians, who live in Germany and the Netherlands.

1. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

Over the legs of this actress and model were voted by over 4 thousand visitors to the popular foreign resource Ranker, giving her first place in the survey on the most beautiful legs of girls.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy can defeat men not only with her chic, infinitely long, and smooth legs. In the past, she was a professional wrestler and played for the WCW and WWF / E wrestling federations.

Stacy Keibler

Unlike many other stars who behave defiantly, and do not mind being naked for a lot of money, Stacy remains modest. Playboy magazine twice offered her to star in nude, and both times were refused.

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