How to start eating healthier for a healthy life

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Eating Healthier

Start eating healthier: Undoubtedly, proper nutrition is the key to health and longevity. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then not only the foods you eat will be important for you, but also the eating regimen.

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How to start eating healthier?

Useful product itself, eaten at the wrong time, in the best case, simply does not bring benefits. The regime is also important because irregular meals are stressful for the body, because of which it begins to store fat in reserve.

Scientists have proven the relationship between sleep patterns and the percentage of body fat. If a person goes to bed and gets up at the same time every day, this not only has a good effect on his psychological state but also has a positive effect on the figure. In addition, the duration of sleep is important. The lowest percentage of body fat in those who sleep about 8 hours a day. So, we conclude: for good health and appearance, it is important to always get up at the same time and get enough sleep.


Many people know how important breakfast is, because it is necessary for a successful active day. If breakfast is not enough high-calorie, then you will not have enough strength in the morning. If breakfast is excessive, then the body will throw a lot of energy into digesting food, and then half the day you will want to sleep.

That is why experts recommend eating foods with so-called long carbohydrates and proteins for breakfast. Simply put, porridge with milk or bread with cheese. But here, of course, the quality of the products is of great importance. Do not eat one-minute oatmeal: after the treatment that it went through, it can no longer be called a complex carbohydrate. Bread should be whole grain. Cheese for breakfast is suitable nonfat hard varieties, it is easily digested.

Some people say that in the morning they are simply not able to eat. In this case, dinner is recommended 4 hours before bedtime. From this, the dream will be stronger, and you will want to eat in the morning with a higher probability.


Lunch should be the richest meal of the day. It accounts for approximately 45% of the total daily calorie intake. Like breakfast, it should be satisfying so that you can successfully complete the working day, but you should not overdo it.

Mandatory components of a proper lunch: soup, meat (poultry or fish) and a side dish in the form of vegetables or healthy carbohydrates (buckwheat, wild rice). Soup improves peristalsis and helps to get enough, meat gives strength, vegetables help digest meat, complex carbohydrates will help to stretch until dinner. At the same time, of course, one should not forget about the taste of food, because lunch should please, and not just be a boring meal.


The good news is that the “do not eat after six” rule applies only to those who go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. As we already said, dinner is best 4 hours before bedtime, and just before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir. For dinner, it is best to eat a light protein dish, such as poultry, and heat-treated vegetables. Such food is well digested and does not interfere with restful sleep.

Another correct option is cottage cheese. And it is not necessary to eat it with something sweet like jam. You can cut greens or some fruit into it.

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