Biography of Edison Miranda

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Edison Miranda

Biography of Edison Miranda

Edison Miranda is a Colombian professional boxer who performed in the middleweight category. Edison did not find the fame of the most successful boxers of our time, he was not the world champion, although he participated in the battle for the championship title, and according to many viewers, he should have won. It is noteworthy for a completely different one.

If you ever feel completely ill in life, just remember the story of Edison Miranda’s life path.

Edison Miranda was born in Colombia on January 7, 1981 in a poor family. When Edison was 2 months old, his mother gave the boy to relatives for guardianship, thus getting rid of his son. Up to nine years, the future boxer lived in a foster family, where he often experienced beatings and humiliation from relatives. Unable to withstand such an attitude, Edison fled home. At nine, Edison Miranda becomes homeless, having no roof over her head, as well as close people nearby.

Edison recalled: “Lying I looked at the stars and the sky, often with tears in my eyes. I prayed. I prayed that someone would get me out of here. ” One night, I dreamed that I was a boxer. Before that, I had never thought about boxing, the ring, gloves. ” Finding out how much successful boxers earn, Edison could not get rid of thoughts about the ring.

In order to train, money was needed, and the future sports star earned it by any means. Miranda took on any dirty work. Having set aside the right amount of money to pay for training at the gym, Edison stepped into the line of his success.

The training process was accompanied by a struggle for survival. The boxer lived in the gym, where after classes he cleaned and washed the floors. He slept next to the ring every night, suffering from mosquito bites, and often had to train on an empty stomach. Miranda continued to earn money with low-skilled labor, in addition, he donated blood, acting as a donor, and after a while, he began to participate in street battles.

After five months of training, as soon as Edison was 16 years old, in April 1997 he had his debut match in the amateur ring, which he finished with a knockout in the first round. His gloves were literally charged. “I do not smoke, do not drink, and go to bed early. And I believe in God. It is thanks to God that I fight in the ring, ”Miranda said after that fight.

After these events, Edison fought with the best boxers of Colombia, becoming the national champion in 1998. Later he was expected to move to the USA, perform in the ring against the strongest professional boxers in the world, fight as a contender for the championship belt.

No, he did not go down in history as the greatest boxer, but he became more successful than 95% of the people on the planet, a homeless nine-year-old boy from Colombia who had a dream.

Like no one else, Edison Miranda was able to prove by personal example that nothing is impossible, we can handle any difficulties and obstacles, we can do anything.

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