Have you ever wanted to create your own image hosting website and start monetizing with a service similar to ImageShack or ImageVenue? Or maybe, simply host your images on your own server for personal purposes? If you did, you certainly noticed the lack of effective options available out there.

Here’s the list of top 10 image hosting script:


Imgshot is one of the best in class image hosting code for your website. It’s a complete PayPal system, where users can use their PayPal account to make the payment for the purchase. You can IMGSHOTcode from here. A Preview is available here.


The art venue gives unlimited options for photo upload and Geo tagging’s on photos and gives you EXIF information about the image, which can be used under a unique profile for each user. You can buy ArtVenue from here and a Preview is available here.


Built with bootstrap third version, highly responsive hosting script at a price of $ 16. You can consider buying PHOTOSTRAP from here.


Picturish is excellent photo management and hosting script which has an inbuilt advanced photo editor it comes at a rate of $38 with wonderful features. You can buy PICTURISH  from here and Preview is available here as well.


Sample Image share version 2 of 2 comes with all the latest features like multi-upload, multiple languages, etc. , that too with one of the lowest prices, Preview is available here and you can consider purchasing from here.


The best script for a social sharing based website with hands-free upgrades and support but the biggest disadvantage is the pricing if you need the best features and money is not a factor the best option for you. You can purchase CHEVERETO from here.

7. MOX

If you love to set up your own image hosting website this is the best option, download configure and set up your site. You can purchase MOX from here.

8. Image Nuke

Image nuke is a multi-image uploader with a user registering system that provides a separate profile for each user. It is one of the best comprehensive and sophisticated images hosting script in the market which possess drag and drop down feature which let the user add their image.

9. CodeFuture

It is a simple and free hosting site for Image Hosting Script.  Live Preview of CodeFuture is available here. You can download the script from here.

10. My Picture

It is a simple and perfect approach to the image hosting website. Demo Version of Mypicture is available here. You can consider buying from here.

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