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Driving License

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to get your driver’s license in India? Well lucky for you we have the steps on how to apply for your driver’s license plus some helpful tips on what to do and expect when you apply.

  • Requirements: 18 years or older, proof of residency, photograph, medical certificate, fill application, learner’s license, and fee.

The paperwork and fees are universal and asked for in every country really.

  • These forms can be attained from a web portal of the state’s RTO

You can also go to your local RTO or RTA to get these forms

  • A medical certificate must be filled by a registered physician.

This must be done to be sure that you are healthy enough to drive.

  • Learner’s license is needed before you apply for a driver’s license

This is needed for a testing period, to see how you drive before the real test.

  • A written test is done to get the learner’s license; 30 days after the learner’s license was issued you can apply for a driver’s license.

After you have received your learner’s license you have to make sure that you are not given a ticket or you will not be able to get your driver’s license

  • After the month has passed you need to go to the RTO or RTA office again and fill the necessary forms

They will just make sure everything is up to date, and make you fill a few more forms.

  • Do a driving test with an instructor monitoring.

This is basically the last part but some people do horribly here because someone else is watching them. They get nervous and do a mistake which costs them their license. The best thing to do is to relax and try to be friendly with the instructor this should help you be less nervous.

  • The last step is to wait for delivery of your driver’s license by mail.

After you have passed and received your license just drive normal and you are set, congratulations on obtaining your driver’s license.

As you can see getting your driver’s license is not that hard really, all you need is practice and to not be nervous. All the paperwork might be tedious but it is something every government must do so just be prepared and you will be driving in no time with your new driver’s license.

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