Switching data from one hosting server to another one can be quite the task, especially if you have an extreme amount of data, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle! The most important thing about moving is preparation. Be prepared and do not stress, this will help the move easier but it is not the only thing needed.

As stated above preparation is crucial, with a set plan you can look at your progress and make sure you do not miss any details on the move. One of the firsts things to do is to download your backup files from your old hosting server, if you do not have a backup it would be a great idea to do one just in case. Cpanel is one of the most popular back-ups and restores options out there and a common mistake that most people do once their files are downloaded is to decompress the files, do not do this, this will only make you lose time. Yet another mistake with doing a backup with Cpanel is that people believe doing a full backup is best, but in this case, it is not, doing a few partial backups is the key here. The problem with a full backup is that it will not let you restore all the info.

Another vital step is to not cancel the old hosting server until you have successfully transferred all the data to the new hosting site. Now some believe this is not important, that you can just start from scratch or make the page by memory. No, with all the details and information on a hosting server it is nearly impossible to replicate the same results, it is best to keep the old server up and compare it to the new one. Once everything is perfect the old server can now be left, but this is the final step, to leave the old server.

Lastly, we can manually do the transfer which will depend on a person’s skill as to how long it will take, some people swear this is easier since they only transfer what “they need.” Like every step above backing up files is key, followed by choosing the databases that you will use on your new server. After that, you will export files in SQL and don’t forget the static files! Next, you will need an FTP program like Filezilla and then it is just a simple drag and drop.

Yet again preparation is vital when moving from one hosting server to another. Make a list with points on what needs to be moved and do not delete the old hosting server until you have transferred everything you need and backed it up.

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