Domain name history: why and how to check it?

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If you intend to buy a domain name, first check its history. The history of the domain name shows the number of times it was registered earlier. Through special services it is possible to “return to the past” and learn many interesting facts about the domain name of interest, for example, to specify exactly what content was posted on the site earlier.

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Why check domain name history?

If you do not check the domain name before purchasing, you may find that it was previously attached to a site with poor-quality content (doorways, satellites) and a bad reputation with search engines. Often such domains are under search engine filters.

Quite often there are also domains that were purchased and subsequently not renewed after the expiry of the period of use. They could not be assigned to the site at all. If you intend to buy a domain name with an updated TIC, you should pay special attention to verification, and also analyze how much the price tag is justified.

It’s not critical if someone used a domain before you, but it’s important that his story is clean.

Because it is recommended to know exactly whether the domain history was negative or not, it is recommended that you select domains without the history that have never been registered by anyone before. It is advisable to devote a few minutes to get the necessary information about the history of the domain name and, if you find suspicious information, to refuse to register the domain name, however attractive it may be.

If this is not done, you can face problems in promotion and promotion of the site, and to fix the situation will be extremely difficult or impossible at all.

Ways to check the history of your domain

There are many services with which you can check the history of domain names. They can be paid or free of charge, and it’s up to you to decide which ones to use. Below we will consider the most accessible and effective ways to check a domain name:

Site of

Linkpad is a powerful tool for analyzing the external reference mass, as well as internal optimization of the project. If some time ago there was a project on the domain of interest, then this service will provide information about which links were placed inside the project, and also indicate the resources that referred to it.


This is how you can identify the topic of the project, which was previously tied to the domain of interest. It will also be possible to find out which pages were relatively recently on this web project. If you see that everything is in order for the domain, then you can buy it safely. provides an opportunity to obtain publicly available information about a particular domain name. It works exclusively with zones .in, .uk and .de Many webmasters agree that there is no particular need to use the enhanced functionality of this project since no important information can be obtained. It is enough to enter the domain name in the white text field and then click on the “WHOIS” green button.


Right after that, it will be possible to find out information about a particular domain in the period of three years. For example, the status of availability is given, data on who was previously registered with the domain. Information about the registrar, the date of purchase of the domain name, and much more will be available.

With the help of this service, it will not be difficult to understand whether the domain was once used before you. If it becomes obvious that the domain name has already been used, then it should continue to be studied through other services.


The project takes screenshots of the sites and then stores them in history. The drawback here is only one – in the zone of his attention are extremely popular sites.


If a small site was not permanently attached to the domain name you need, then this service will not provide any information about it. site allows a special tool for checking the domain name, or rather its history, from the official registrar. This service is chargeable. After registration, you must refill the balance, and immediately you can request a check.


With the help of this service, it is expensive to check all domains of interest, so it is advisable to use it when you have already found some free options using free services.

The project is a worldwide archive on the network, which from time to time preserves the appearance of sites during their actual existence. It will not be difficult to find out what some famous projects looked like years before, and also to track all the changes during their existence.


In the upper scale, you can see the year and the number of savings. There is also a separate calendar where the figures are highlighted – these are the dates of saving to the archive. If you click on these figures, you can find out what the project looked like after its creation. Through this project, it is easy to determine which site was located on this or that domain name, and also to determine whether there were any violations on the part of the owner.

Through search engines

It makes sense also to clarify with popular search engines what exactly they remember about this or that project, located on the domain name that interests you. In the search line, it’s enough to specify the path to the site completely, after which it will remain to see the results of the issue. More information can be found in the saved copy of the main page of the site.

This is the last service on our list that allows you to learn the history of a domain name. First, you need to register, and after that, you can start checking. To do this, enter the fully qualified domain name in the text box and press Enter. After that, all key information on the domain will be available, for example, how many times the owners have changed, how many sites are on the same IP-address.

Whois Lookup

Here you can determine the purity of the domain name for its further use, and also get information about the domains that are available for purchase.

There are many services through which you can learn the history of a particular domain. All of them provide only publicly available information, however, this is enough to understand whether it makes sense to buy a vending domain or choose another option. It does not always make sense to use paid services, because we do not need much data. Take the procedure of analysis with full responsibility, since this step will determine the success of the project in the future.

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