4 facts about the new function nametag on instagram.


On Instagram appeared an opportunity to quickly subscribe to a person if he is there. This function is called nametag. Tell how to use the new thingy.

1. What is the nametag function on Instagram?

This feature allows you to easily follow a person who is nearby. Now you do not need to drive the nickname of the person in the search, it is sufficient to use a nametag.

2. How does the nametag feature work on Instagram?

If you want to subscribe to the person who is next, it needs to show you the special tag, and you have to scan it like a QR code. If you want to subscribe you, show the name tag for yourself. Read below how to do it.

3. How to use the function nametag on Instagram?

To show your tag, you need to go to the profile button at the top right to open the menu and select a Nametag or name tag.


If you want to scan someone’s tag, you will need to click “screen a nametag or scan Instagram-card” at the bottom of the screen (see the second image).

4. You can customize nametag and share on social networks.

You can set tags by changing the colors and adding emoticons. Still, you can share nametag on social networks and send them by SMS.

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