Cotton massage: what you need to know about right spanking

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Cotton Massage

Cotton massage: facial massage is a popular salon treatment that provides excellent care and toned skin. Among all types of massage, there is a rather specific one – cotton face massage. Let’s see what this beast is.

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Cotton face massage is not about rubbing with cotton thread, but about the correct technology of spanking your beautiful face. The procedure is performed by a professional, according to the massage lines. And no, the fact that your ex periodically gave you a slap in the face cannot be called a cotton massage.

Cotton face massage or slapping face is a popular procedure in Asia that has gained popularity all over the world just now. It all started (by an interesting coincidence) with a video on Instagram by a Korean blogger and journalist Christina Chang.

What is a cotton face massage?

By itself, a cotton face massage takes a maximum of two minutes of your time. It should be spent every day while applying the cream on the face. For girls under 30, it is worth doing a cotton massage once a day, after 30 it is already twice a day.

How to perform?

Apply on your face and neck, along the massage lines your care cream and slap the left side of your neck with your right hand and your right side with your left hand. The upper side of the palm is well-slammed chin, and with fingertips to walk around the entire contour of the face: starting from the middle of the chin and ending moving to the ears.

Start tapping with your fingertips and then use the entire surface of the palm, making circular movements over the face. Strong pressure on the face is not necessary – advises Christina Chang.

Finger strikes should be stronger around the nose and more tender around the eyes. Add more light pops on the forehead (do not beat face palm during this procedure).

Effect of the procedure

This facial massage will improve blood circulation in the skin, help enhance the effect of all the creams that you apply to it as the skin will begin to better absorb nutrients.


A daily cotton face massage (strangely it does not look – facial gymnastics, you must agree) will improve the complexion and overall skin tone, make it more elastic and attractive. And, of course, it will prevent the premature appearance of mimic wrinkles.

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