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How to increase performance? 10 tips


Performance: The pace of life is accelerating every year. Every day, a person faces many problems that need to be solved in the shortest possible time, with full dedication and maximum concentration of attention.

Despite the demands made by the life cycle, sometimes instead of composure and activity, a feeling of distraction and lethargy arises.

Why is it so important to have a high work capacity?

  1. Performance is one of the most important components of success in life and in career or business.
  2. Performance displays your capabilities to a new level.
  3. The increase in efficiency becomes the cause of self-esteem associated with obtaining satisfaction from the achievement of a result.
  4. Performance leads to the understanding of self-worth in this world and planning their own lives.

How to improve performance?

  • Watch your health and while you call the doctor, and also must pass an annual medical examination. To save money and time, it is better to detect the disease at the early stages. A systematic treatment to the doctor will allow them to plan for the health of your body.
  • Have a rest. Fatigue is a natural process of decreasing working capacity, but if work is not alternated with rest, it will lead to overwork, which will have a detrimental effect on working capacity.
  • Spend your free time in a variety of ways, filling it with interesting events. New emotions will give new strength and push your motivation.
  • Work, leisure, eating, everything should be in moderation. Any medicine is poison in large quantities.
  • Read books and constantly learn something new. Figuratively speaking, your brain is an intellectual muscle that weakens without systematic tension. Developed intelligence and good memory will allow you to have no problems with clarity of thinking for very long years of life.
  • Work is done better if it was planned.
  • Getting to work, do not think about the meaning of life, immediately start doing business.
  • In order to reach maximum performance, it usually takes about 20 minutes. Therefore, do not be distracted by other things, because you will have to re-enter this rhythm from the very beginning. If your colleagues distract you, you can absolutely calmly and without any insults on their part tell you that you are busy now and will be happy to help you later.
  • The high performance lasts about 2 hours, so alternate hard work with a short period of time for rest, after which you continue your work.
  • Always have an emotional mindset for success and a focus on achieving results.
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