How to Choose a Car or a Bike as per Your Personality?

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For every rider there is a vehicle out there. All you have to do is identify what suits your personality best and to do this, you have to know if you are a car or a bike person. This article will introduce you to various types of cars and bikes as per the personality of the riders.

  1. Scooter

Ranging from 50cc to 150cc, scooters can easily find their ways in narrow streets and traffic-prone areas. Some powerful models even provide up to 600cc engines. Usually they are thought to be used by couples and they can be made spacious, bigger and more impressive if customized well.

  1. Sports bike

If you are a new biker, an entry level sports bike is the best for you. It offers speed, is light in weight and can cross traffics fast. The cuts and curves on them make them elegant and stylish. They are perfect if you’re looking for acceleration and maximum speed.

  1. Dirt bike

Dirt bikes are an ideal option for people living in rural areas or for off road trips for the ones who are not afraid of mud. They are available in different models and are designed for race or for off road trips. They are the best for playing in mud and riding the backcountry.

  1. Dual bike

It is a combination of both sport and mud bikes. It is ideal for people living in cities but choose off road trips pretty often. It can also be used for long journeys.

  1. Cruisers

The old school classic look of cruisers make them classy. They are often associated with guys wearing leather jackets, huge beards showing their cool and rough and tough nature. Riders wishing for powerful, heavy and big bikes here’s option for you.

Here are some car types for different personalities and uses:

  • Coupe

It is ideal for youngsters who have just got their license but do not like to travel in their family cars. These come with reasonable price tags along with the snazzy look needed by the young generation.

  • Station Wagon

The riders of these cars are practical people who do not care about the looks. It is an ideal mother’s car who does a lot of house chores, like picking up kids, shopping grocery, etc.

  • Luxury cars

If you want to flash your extra cash and like to travel in style, luxury cars are the right fit for you. They always deliver comfort, satisfaction and style to the riders.

  • SUV

They arebest for sports utility and off road driving, though are often associated with suburban farmers. SUVs are for busy people who are often restless and affected by the opinions of others about them. They are ideal to keep you in your bubble.

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