You’ve probably never seen such special hairstyles from long hair

Most people prefer a hanging hairstyle in everyday life or simple braids that can be made in a matter of minutes. 1 min


And often these are the most popular styles not only because of lack of time, but also because more complicated hair requires patience, dexterity, and of course a lot of practice.

Trendafilka Kirova started hair sculpting when she was pregnant with her first child. He watched many videos, gathered inspiration from famous hairdressers, and made fabulous braids more and more often. He found the whole process very reassuring, so he spent a lot of time with it and made increasingly difficult, more serious creations.

She makes amazing braids

The mother, who had previously worked as an economist, soon changed professions: she began a career in hairdressing and betrayed she could not be happier. Perhaps it’s no exaggeration to say that she makes the most special braids, which she sometimes draws inspiration from carpet weaving, tattoos, or different patterns.

Big braid

Big Braid

She posts her dazzling creations on her Instagram, where more than 237,000 people are already following her because of her unique hairstyles. Although he basically loves his work, he betrayed it, the praise of netizens gives him a lot of strength and he always tries to come up with newer and newer ideas.

Braid 1

Braid 2

There are hairstyles that are reminiscent of wicker baskets, but there are also ones that are almost similar to a woven pattern.

Braid 3

Braid 4

Braid 5

Braid 6

Braid 7

Braid 8

Braid 9

Braid 10


Heart Shaped Braid

There’s even a lack of heart-shaped braids on the side. Without regretting time and energy, Trendafilka Kirova makes these fabulous hair poems, which she often throws up with ribbons and hair bands.

Wonderful Creations With Flowers

She sometimes even adorns her wonderful creations with flowers.

Wonderful Hairstyles

Surely we would also accept quite a few of these wonderful hairstyles.

Quick hairstyles that cover upgrades

Here are some easy and quick styles you can do super tricks with: they distract from the hair follicles and dissolve the contrast between the hair’s natural color and coloring. Whether you can wear them to work, shopping, or home, you don’t have to be too clever to implement them. If you get bored with plain braids, choose from these.

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