6 Men’s of shortcomings that cannot be ignored

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Shortcomings: In relations between a man and a woman rarely it’s completely smooth and rosy. Even happy couples sometimes, dark clouds. The ability to forgive, understand and compromise – critical family happiness. But do all you can and need to forgive? Psychologists say that there are things that the woman in no case should not ignore, not to lose ourselves in relationships and not become a prisoner to my own misery.

These are the 6 men’s of shortcomings

Blatant rudeness

We cannot close our eyes to the inexcusable rudeness from the partner. Moreover, this applies not only to your personal relationship but his behavior towards friends and family. If your partner is prone to rudeness, aggression, and despotism, do not let yourself oppress and subjugate. Defend your opinion and personal boundaries.

Flirting on the side

Many men think flirting and a romantic conversation with other women something reprehensible. If you’re offended – you have the right to voice their position. Don’t let the man impose his position on the innocence of such entertainment. If you think this is unacceptable in your relationship, stand your ground. A loving person will not allow flirting with someone else if you value your relationship.

Flirting On The Side

The disclosure of intimate details

Despite the fact that women are called the first gossips, men are no worse when they gather in the close company of like-minded people. When one brags about professional or sporting achievements, others have nothing to do but discuss the details of their intimate life. To impress friends, in the course are the most candid details. Such behavior is unforgivable for a man. If he does not understand the value of his personal life, is it worth the risk to continue his relationship with him?


If you realize that your better half is constantly inclined to act contrary to your desires, think about what life would be like with a manipulator? Are you ready to abandon his opinions and to perform only his will? Are you ready to dance to his tune and to tolerate provocations and other innuendoes? If not, stop such relationships in the Bud.



Never justify a man who is prone to violence and aggression towards those who are weaker than him: children or animals. This behavior is vile, and notorious malice that the person offended for the whole world. Where is the guarantee that the next victim of his cruelty does not become you?


Any kind of addiction (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction) harms not only the man, and his family. Unfortunately, women, by their kind-hearted and compassion often suffer the problem of men, forgiving them their weaknesses, sacrificing their nerves, feelings, time, and money. If he is dependent does not want to change their lives for the better, you owe it to him to ruin his.


You can be an infinitely kind and responsive person, but when it comes to your personal happiness, be able to keep up your interests, opinions, and the right to be a person. Do not even allow your beloved man to show violence, rudeness, and disrespect to you.

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