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10 mysterious objects and creatures hunted by researchers in Africa


Mysterious objects: This spirit is still flying over Africa. The constant interest in this continent is also explained by the fact that this corner of the planet is closed to Europeans.

There is a high risk that many exciting things are hidden not just from the eyes of the layman but also from scientists. Two majors, cryptobiology and cryptozoology, courageously study and search for answers to questions about the mysteries of Africa.

These are the 10 mysterious objects and creatures hunted by researchers in Africa.

1. Prehistoric monster Mokele-Mbembe

Prehistoric Monster Mokele Mbembe

” This is the one who blocks the river.” A half-dragon is a half-elephant that is known from fossils.

It is native to central Africa. Its existence is not denied. Specialists collect evidence about the peculiarities of his life in cryptozoology and cryptobotanics.

The creature lived in a swamp. It was as tall as an elephant, with a tail like an alligator’s tail. The neck had a powerful look, and on the head, an outgrowth resembled a horn or a giant tooth.

Contemporaries tried to find the animal, and they saw and documented giant footprints of an unknown creature and even heard its roar. But they haven’t found the dinosaur.

2. Prehistoric monitor lizard Ninki-Nanka

Prehistoric Monitor Lizard Ninki Nanka

Monitor lizards are lizards. The largest reaches 3 meters in length, and they are carnivores and feed on animals. Small ones have a snack. Large ones are repeatedly bitten. And then the victim dies of fatal blood loss.

A dinosaur similar to an unknown form of monitor lizard is currently being sought. The search for a few enthusiasts led to the fact that this strange animal could be attributed to giant reptiles, according to the descriptions of eyewitnesses. It is 9 meters long with the body of a crocodile and a neck like a giraffe that spent most of its time lying in the swamp.

3. Alien contact in Ariel

Alien Contact In Ariel

The scene is Zimbabwe. The year is 1994. Ariel Elementary School. Small children described round-shaped metal objects in the sky, illuminated by flashing red lights.

According to the children, one vehicle separated from the group and landed 100 meters away from the children. Two tiny creatures descended from the ship.

The children were scared and panicked. Many ran to adults for help. The teachers who arrived didn’t see anything.

Later, they analyzed this situation very seriously. The materials indicate that the children did not come up with anything.

4. Lonely Marozzi Lion

Lonely Marozzi Lion

Farmers saw fantastic animals in East and Central Africa. Its peculiarity was that the coat had a mottled character.

An expedition was sent to Kenya to find unusual half-leopards and half-lions. Unfortunately, it was not successful.

It was only possible to describe the tracks, which with a high degree of probability, belonged to ordinary lions.

5. Flying lizard Kongamato

Flying Lizard Kongamato

Kongamato means “turning over boats”. Flying lizard. Eyewitnesses describe a pink-skinned, featherless body up to 1.5 meters long. It is lifted into the air by its bat-like wings.

Scientists of the beginning of the last century, while in Africa, showed residents drawings of prehistoric animals. People were unanimous and pointed to the picture of the pterodactyl.

There was fear in living accounts with witnesses who had seen the monster. For them, meeting such a “bird” was equivalent to death. Scientists still hope the world has preserved ideal corners where these rare creatures can live.

6. Jubokko vampire tree

Jubokko Vampire Tree

According to the description, a tree with highly poisonous properties grew up in South America. According to scientists, this specimen of flora is unpretentious.

It grows on different soils and has a bark in two rows. The outer one seems to slide away from the inner one. The leaves are dark green.

The plant released carbonic acid. At present, it is even difficult to imagine that the concentration of this substance in the air could be deadly. And then very quickly came paralysis of the nervous system and death.

But since the fruits were beneficial for the inhabitants of that area, they had to figure out how to collect them, for example, by going to a tree from the downwind side.

7. Koolakamba


Koolakamba is a gorilla that makes peculiar sounds, perpetuating the animal’s name. It lived in what is now Cameroon and Gabon.

Why this branch of biology turned out to be a dead-end is not yet discussed, and they didn’t look beautiful and had Large skulls with overhanging brow ridges. Koolakamba has a small facial part of the skull and huge ears. If humans are descended from apes, such a parent may be a good thing that he did not give offspring.

8. Ceratops Emela-Ntouka

Ceratops Emela Ntouka

Probably, before creating modern species, nature combined incongruous species. So there is still no consensus about ceratops.

Some recognize it as a reptile, others as an ungulate mammal. In height, this world wonder came out the size of an elephant, folding on the neck like a crocodile and quite a bloodthirsty predatory animal.

9. Fire bloodsuckers

Fire Bloodsuckers

At the scene of the accident in Kenya, it is believed that vampires were seen in the rapid response services, particularly in the fire departments.

According to an eyewitness, firefighters took them in unknown directions instead of rescuing people from the fire and pumping out their blood.

All the described events took place in front of the police, which allowed citizens to assume mutual responsibility between employees of these specialties.

10. Flying dwarf Popobava

Flying Dwarf Popobava

Flying dwarf Popobava is a flying monster of non-traditional orientation that abducted male representatives and raped them.

Outwardly, this fiend of hell resembled a small, muscular bat. Fanged and one-eyed.

Pemba Island was filled with madness and panic. There were also victims. The presence of a flying cyclops could be identified by the pungent smell or clouds of doom.

After an act of violence, the monster demanded that the victim tell everyone about what had happened.

Science describes this phenomenon as psychic. A dream in Java. So-called sleep paralysis. The feeling of being suspended upside down and encountering otherworldly creatures.

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