Why do people lie to each other: 11 True reasons

people lie

We lie every day without even noticing it. Most people lie unknowingly, out of habit. Sometimes a lie helps protect itself from external factors, sometimes it turns out to be completely useless. People have learned to lie to each other since childhood. Why did this happen and what determines the need to lie to each other?

Why do all people lie to each other?

The problem is that a person is deceiving not only other members of society but himself as well. Numerous studies have shown that people are so immersed in lies that they often cannot separate truth from fiction in their own minds.

Why they lie to each other?

Despite the fact that most of us are not pathological liars, each of us often hides the truth and lies. Sometimes we do this because we don’t want to hurt others. Sometimes – to increase your own self-esteem.

The lie has really become commonplace and this cannot but scare. Studies have shown that, on average, each person lies at least 1-2 times a day. It turns out that we cannot live a day without deception.

Reasons why people lie to each other are:

  • For the solution of problems. Often the lie helps to solve some problems if people can’t do it in other ways;
  • To protect themselves from others;
  • To avoid the conflict. For example, if your opinion does not coincide with opinion of the interlocutor and you don’t want to provoke a conflict of interests and views;
  • For the benefit of another person. Sometimes we lie with good intentions, for example, if you don’t want to cause a loved one pain and suffering;
  • The lack of self-confidence. With lies you maintain an artificial way, which has created around himself;
  • Increase self-esteem. A man comes up with facts, which have nothing to do with reality;
  • Personality disorder. In such cases, a person has no control over the lies and deceives constantly, without even realizing it. To treat problems must consult a doctor;
  • Increase self-esteem — their own or the interlocutor;
  • To draw attention to themselves. For example, people lying about their achievements or purchases to be better in the eyes of others. Today it is increasingly common, everyone wants to be better and to seem what really is;
  • To achieve a certain goal — such as at work;
  • To avoid penalties and undesirable consequences is one of the most common reasons that encourage children to lie to their parents.

As you can see, there can be a lot of reasons for fraud and in each situation, it can be caused by different factors. Try to deceive yourself and others as rarely as possible, this will only benefit your relationship.

Why do men and women lie?

Why lie

Why they lie to each other?

Someone does this out of habit, someone – to benefit, someone – to improve relationships with others. Often people lie even to themselves, knowingly or not.

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