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5 rare dog breeds, the existence of which you did not know


Choose a dog? Look at this unusual species about which you never heard. And then some Chihuahuas and Labradors in the yard.

1. Norwegian Lundehund

The dog specifically brought in order to catch deadlocks. Nests of these birds are in the clefts of the rocks, and man it was hard to get to these birds, whose meat is very appreciated.

Norwegian Lundehund

2. The catalburun ( Turkish pointer )

A unique feature of these dogs is the nose, which seemed divided into two parts. Birthplace of dogs — Turkey.


3. Sloughi

A very rare and ancient breed greyhound from Africa. Unfortunately, the Second world war destroyed many of the species in Europe, including Sloughi, and at home, these dogs have almost disappeared in the 1960s.


4. Pumi dog

Pumis make excellent shepherds. The dog responds to the slightest movement, smells and sounds, and their distinctive feature — a ringing and very loud barking.


5. The stabyhoun

Their owners were originally farmers who could not afford to maintain several dogs for hunting, protection at home and work.

The stabyhoun has managed to become an indispensable and a very capable worker in all fields: they were hunting, guarding the house, catching rats, they were harnessed in carts.

The stabyhoun

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