What kind of sport to do?


Sport is important and beneficial not only for physical health. It is also a great way to unload psychologically, rid yourself of harmful thoughts, improve your mood, boost optimism and increase your self-esteem.

So what kind of sport do you want to be healthy, young, beautiful and confident?

In this article, many sports will be considered, and each of them will be evaluated.

What kind of sport to do

1. Athletics


Athletics is the most popular sport. It includes running, walking, jumping and throwing. The main type of athletics of course is running.

The benefits of running

  1. Running helps prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, and helps lower blood cholesterol.
  2. Proper breathing during runs trains the lungs, increases their volume, increases the flow of oxygen to all organs and tissues.
  3. Running is useful for the figure in that it has an effect on several reasons for being overweight: it speeds up metabolism, increases average daily calorie consumption, strengthens muscles, and reduces hunger.
  4. Running has a positive effect on the digestive system. It improves intestinal motility, increases blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, and increases the tone of all internal organs.
  5. Jogging can tighten and rejuvenate the skin. The tone of the muscles of the face and body increases, as a result of which the skin becomes noticeably more elastic.
  6. Running will be an excellent antidepressant for you, make you more energetic, cheerful and relieve insomnia. In addition, improved circulation during jogging will have a beneficial effect on mental abilities.

Running harm

Running can have a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system. Running damage is manifested in problems with the joints, ligaments, and spine, but only if you use the wrong technique. If you approach the matter correctly, jogging will only benefit you.

2. Swimming


Swimming is a great sport, especially for men. The load on all the muscles of the body and the energy boost are guaranteed.

The benefits of swimming

  1. The development of all muscle groups.
  2. Strengthening the joints.
  3. Hardening the body, increasing resistance to colds and strengthening immunity.
  4. The formation of proper posture, treatment of scoliosis, osteochondrosis.
  5. Positive effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.
  6. Getting rid of extra centimeters in the abdomen.
  7. Increased availability.

Swimming harm

  • Chlorine, used to disinfect pool water, can cause allergic skin reactions, eye irritation, and dermatitis.
  • With constant swimming in the pool, the female figure becomes masculine due to the strong development of the shoulder muscles (with a couple of sessions per week and swims no more than five hundred meters, the figure will not be affected).

3. Martial arts

Martial arts

Martial arts is recommended for every man. The most effective of them are boxing, combat sambo, jujitsu, muay thai.

The benefits of martial arts

  1. If necessary, you will be able to protect yourself and people close to you.
  2. You become more confident in yourself.
  3. You are developing physically.
  4. Many martial arts are based on their own philosophy, and, developing as a fighter, you simultaneously develop as a person.

Harm of martial arts

  • For women is not the most suitable occupation.
  • There is an increased risk of injury.

4. Bodybuilding, fitness


Whoever said that, but having a beautiful body is cool. Any man can get his muscles and impressive relief. If you have a desire to look better than the vast majority of people, then bodybuilding is what you need.

The benefits of bodybuilding

  1. You will look beautiful.
  2. You will look younger.
  3. Your self-esteem will increase.
  4. During power loads, endorphins are released – hormones of happiness, so you are ensured a state of joy.
  5. As a result of moderate training, heart health is strengthened, and blood vessels become more elastic.

Bodybuilding harm

  • A pumped body is not the most beautiful sight. It is important not to overdo it.
  • If you do not take steroids and follow a training program, you will not feel any harm.

5. Football


The benefits of football

  1. Playing football strengthens muscles and increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fractures.
  2. The motor coordination of athletes improves.
  3. Improving breathing, as well as the work of all organs, as one of the main components of football is running.
  4. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  5. Due to the fact that football is a team game, communication skills and the ability to act in a team together develop.

The harm of football

The opportunity to get injured is probably the only minus of this sport. If you play football professionally, there will be a lot of leg injuries.

6. Basketball


Basketball Benefits

  1. Improved coordination, agility and stamina.
  2. Engaging all muscle groups through a combination of running, jumping and throwing.
  3. Improving peripheral vision.
  4. The development of the cardiovascular system.
  5. Respiratory development.
  6. Prevention of joint diseases.

Basketball Harm

Trauma is also inherent in basketball. The most common injuries in basketball are sprains of the ankle joint, dislocation of the legs, injuries of the knee joint, meniscus, hands and fingers, damage to the jaw and teeth as a result of elbow strikes in the face.

7. Volleyball


The benefits of volleyball

  1. Improving blood circulation and, therefore, strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  2. The development of the respiratory system.
  3. Strengthening the musculoskeletal system and improving joint mobility.
  4. Development of reaction, coordination of movements, dexterity and flexibility. This allows you to avoid personal injuries, for example, during the period of ice.
  5. Training of the eye muscles, which helps to maintain vision for a long time.
  6. In addition to burning calories while playing volleyball, your figure will develop an absolute proportion. This is especially important for women who need huge shoulders.

Volleyball Harm

  • Often injured knees.
  • There is a chance to knock out or break your fingers.
  • Stretching the shoulder joints, lumbar muscles.

8. Cycling


The benefits of cycling

  1. The cardiovascular system is trained, as a result of which vessels are strengthened and blood pressure decreases.
  2. Positive effect on the nervous system. Slow riding perfectly calms the nerves, increases stress resistance and helps to disconnect from routine worries.
  3. The load on the respiratory system, which increases with fast cycling, improves ventilation, trains active breathing and reduces the likelihood of respiratory diseases.
  4. In the process of riding a bicycle, many muscles of the body are involved, primarily the legs, buttocks, back and abs. In addition, joints are strengthened, a ligamentous apparatus is developed.
  5. Cycling burns fat no worse than running. Starting to pedal, you can say goodbye to 300-500 calories in one hour. Physical activity accelerates metabolism, restoring harmony to the legs, fit buttocks and thinness of the waist.
  6. Training eye muscles reduces the risk of myopia and sharpens vision.

Cycling Harm

An incorrectly selected bicycle saddle can compress the genitals, which can affect your sex life. To eliminate this negative impact, you should take bike adjustments seriously and only choose a comfortable saddle.



Triathlon is a multisport race, which includes continuous successive passing by its participants of three stages: swimming, cycling and running.

The positive and negative aspects of running, swimming and cycling were discussed above.

10. Tennis


The benefits of tennis

  1. All muscle groups are involved: the muscles of the legs, back, abs, arms and even the neck.
  2. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems are trained.
  3. The reaction rate develops.
  4. Tennis is an intellectual sport because in addition to technology, tactics are also important in it.

The harm of tennis

  • Injuries of the musculoskeletal system, in particular damage to the knees and ankles.
  • A professional injury to a tennis player is his elbow, which is caused by long and monotonous hand movements.

11. Table Tennis

Table tennis

The benefits of table tennis

  1. The beneficial effect on the development of mobility of the hands strengthens the muscles of the hands and wrists.
  2. It helps increase hand movement speed, develop attention and reaction.
  3. It develops hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

The harm of Table Tennis

  • Classes only table tennis, not supported by physical activity, will not help to become a physically strong person.
  • If you actively engage in table tennis since childhood, there is a risk of disturbing posture as a result of stronger development of the muscles of the hands, shoulder girdle, and back from the side of the playing hand, since it makes much more movements.

12. Hockey


If you decide to go in for hockey, keep in mind that hockey equipment will cost money. Hockey skates, hockey sticks, defense, etc. – All this will need to be bought. And naturally, the equipment must be professional.

The benefits of hockey

  1. Hockey develops strong guys because any training includes not only the respiratory load but also the intensive work of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and leg muscles. A strong hockey player will be able to fend for himself.
  2. In hockey, reaction and speed are essential. All players move on ice skates very quickly, and sometimes the puck flies at a speed far exceeding 100 km / h. If you watch football after watching a hockey match, at first it may seem that the players move like snails.
  3. In addition to a well-developed circulatory system, a hockey player gets hardened from respiratory diseases.
  4. From a psychological point of view, hockey players are more balanced, since all aggression is left on the field.
  5. Since hockey is a team game, a teamwork skill is developed, as well as leadership qualities.

Harm of Hockey

  • Hockey is one of the most traumatic sports. Bruises, fractures, broken teeth are not unusual when it comes to hockey.
  • If the sport you want to relax and just have fun and hard power struggle to prefer reading books, you may want to think about another sport.

13. Billiards


The benefits of billiards

  1. Billiards is a fascinating pastime in the company of your favorite friends.
  2. It does not require large loads on the body, it is also not necessarily a strong heart and excellent lungs, while the organs receive a light load, which is more like a massage.
  3. Billiards is useful for older people.
  4. The game of billiards is the best training for your eye, the clarity and accuracy of your body movements.
  5. Billiards requires the player to have a constant creative approach to any situation and instant resourcefulness (the location of balls on the pool table can never be predicted, it is practically not duplicated).
  6. The player is accustomed to composure, clarity of mind, clarity of movement, balances his emotions, gets used to patience

Harm of billiards

It’s not harmful for your health.

14. Bowling


The benefits of bowling

  1. Develops an eye, the ability to immediately determine the distance to the object and the trajectory of the ball.
  2. Develops the ability to coordinate their actions, aligning them to diamond accuracy.
  3. If you throw the ball alternately with both hands, this will improve the interaction between the hemispheres of the brain and help coordinate both sides of the body.
  4. Of course, bowling can not be compared with fitness, but, nevertheless, you can count on strengthening the muscles of the arms, back and legs.
  5. The undoubted benefit of bowling is to strengthen friendships. This is a game that unites you in a free evening, helps to make new acquaintances, as well as diversify your leisure with a pleasant active hobby.

Harm of Bowling

Bowling cannot do any harm. But still, you should not deal with it during the recovery period after operations and injuries of any kind, especially for fractures, dislocations and sprains of joints and ligaments, in the presence of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, postural disorders and any problems with the spine.

15. Figure skating

Figure skating

Figure skating is one of the most sophisticated sports on the verge of art. It develops plasticity, forms a beautiful, developed body, strengthens health.

The benefits of figure skating

  1. Health promotion. Skaters are less likely to suffer from colds, a special microclimate of the ice rink affects. The presence of ice increases air humidity, it is very useful, because in winter in all heated rooms it falls below the desired norm. A long stay in the cool atmosphere of the rink contributes to hardening and healing the body.
  2. As a result of figure skating classes, the metabolism improves, the respiratory and cardiovascular system is intensively involved in the work. However, this happens gradually, which is very favorable for not very healthy people. Therefore, ice skating is useful for people (especially children) with a weakened immune system, often suffering from respiratory diseases, and even with heart diseases.
  3. Harmonious development. Figure skating develops overall endurance, flexibility, dexterity and strength, improves coordination and reaction speed. The stability of the vestibular apparatus is increased (especially useful for those who are sick with transport) trying to learn how to control skates, you will gain the ability to group when falling, and household injuries will become rare.
  4. Body improvement. Classes quickly help to lose weight – an average of 400 calories is burned per hour. Another healing effect of ice skating is its beneficial effect on posture. This is good for treatment and for the prevention of scoliosis, posture disorders and other problems with the musculoskeletal system.
  5. Skates are good because they are accessible to people of any age.

Figure Skating Harm

  • Injuries, however they are usually not very severe: bruises of the arms, legs and soft tissues of the head, which quickly pass.
  • When mastering the jumping technique, there may be sprains and other injuries, up to serious leg fractures.

16. Alpine skiing, snowboarding

Ski, snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding are not the cheapest entertainment, so if you decide to go in for this sport, get ready to fork out.

The benefits of skiing

  1. Increased stamina and faster reaction.
  2. Improved coordination of movements.
  3. It is always fresh air, and often mountain air, that is, especially clean air.
  4. This is often a good or even spectacular view. Mountains, slopes, snow, sky. It’s great.
  5. An opportunity to feel extreme in your life, speed, wind.
  6. This is often a great company of active people.
  7. Traditional departures, a wonderful shake in the coldest and most difficult working period.
  8. For many, skiing is a demonstration of their own status.

Harm of Ski

  • Alpine skiing is very traumatic with the possibility of falls and collisions.
  • If you do not warm up and warm up properly before skiing, the risk of damage during normal skiing increases due to the non-harmonious load on the vertebral back and knees.

17. Roller Skating

The roller skating

The benefits of roller skating

  1. Training the vestibular apparatus.
  2. Development of coordination of movements and balance.
  3. The development of speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, stretching, courage, discipline.
  4. Improving the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, musculoskeletal system.
  5. Harmonious development of all muscles.
  6. If you skate in the winter and miss you in the summer, skates are a good replacement.

Roller Skating Harm

Possible injuries to the arms, legs, head, back.

18. Mountaineering (climbing)


The benefits of mountaineering

  1. Balance, coordination and flexibility are developing.
  2. Tendons, all muscles and the cardiovascular system are trained.
  3. Mountaineering helps many girls to lose weight because during classes, the muscles of the lower back, abdomen, calves and hips strengthen.
  4. Climbing helps to correct flat feet and posture, as well as tone all back muscles.
  5. Fingers and hands are strengthened, become more mobile and dexterous.
  6. Mountaineering develops intelligence, visual memory as well as the ability to plan.

Climbing Harm

Mountain climbing is one of the most traumatic sports. Climbers risk falling from a great height, fractures and open injuries, dislocations, as well as severe hypothermia of internal organs and limbs.

19. Surfing


The benefits of surfing

  1. With the help of surfing, you will put in order a huge amount of muscle, lose extra pounds and improve blood circulation.
  2. A good mood, adrenaline rush, endless sea and fresh air will complement the picture of your joyful sports activities.
  3. Strengthened arms, shoulder girdle, knee and femoral joints.
  4. Surfing girls have a beautiful figure.

The harm of surfing

  • Asymmetric loads on the spine, shoulders, neck and knees.
  • While surfing professionally there is a risk of melanoma.

20. Fencing


The benefits of fencing

  1. During fencing, all muscle groups are involved, both small and large: both the back, and biceps with triceps, and pectoral muscles. But the main load is on the legs, which are constantly in motion.
  2. Positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  3. The coordination of movements improves.
  4. The figure becomes taut, and the extra pounds go away.

The harm of fencing

A forced position that can cause a “distortion” of the spine, which does not contribute to health. This can be fixed by simultaneously training the right and left legs.

21. Rowing


The benefits of rowing

  1. Outdoor air from early spring to late autumn, perfectly tempered. Develop the lungs and heart.
  2. Train all the major muscle groups: legs, arms, abdomen, back and buttocks.
  3. Develops endurance.
  4. Calories are excellently burned, weight is reduced and blood pressure normalized.
  5. Rowers (men) are provided with a beautiful slim figure because the first stage of training is general physical training: running, stretching, swimming.

Rowing harm

The load on the body is quite large. With age, rowers have joint problems.

22. Horse riding ( equestrian sports )

Horse riding

The benefits of equestrian sports

  1. Equestrian sport is one of the most suitable types of therapy after serious injuries, involving only minor physical exertion.
  2. Horse riding will benefit from orthopedic diseases and impaired coordination of movements.
  3. Horse riding can correct posture.
  4. Riding improves metabolism, relieves bowel problems, eliminates the symptoms of coronary heart disease and vegetative-vascular dystonia, it is effective in bronchial asthma and some gynecological diseases.
  5. While riding a horse, blood circulation accelerates and blood supply improves.
  6. Horseback riding can reduce symptoms or completely eliminate diseases such as autism, mild forms of schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, dementia, neurosis and depression.

The harm of equestrian sport

Given the fact that a horse is a living creature that can behave unpredictably and abruptly, you must not lose your vigilance and concentration so as not to get injured as a result of handling the horse or a possible fall.

23. Dancing


The benefits of dancing

  1. Dancing does not imply sharp and serious loads on the body.
  2. Positively affect your posture and the beauty of gait and movements.
  3. Develop the respiratory system.
  4. They help get rid of frequent colds and will greatly facilitate their course in those who suffer from asthmatic attacks.
  5. Dancing prolongs life, maintains the overall tone of the body and maintains cheerfulness and performance for a long time.

The harm of dancing

The wrong position in dancing or the choice of a partner of inappropriate growth can negatively affect posture.

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