Intermediate goals

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Intermediate Goals

Intermediate goals await each of us on the way to our dream. Due to the fact that any process, like the path to the goal, is a complex system, it should be simplified and broken down into constituent elements, which are usually intermediate goals or stages.

At the very beginning of the path, it is hard to imagine that the goal is achievable, such reasoning can even cause a certain degree of fright. And only as a result of drawing up a plan and defining intermediate goals, one can say to oneself “Why not?”

Intermediate goals hide some problems within themselves

Any achievements and accomplishments lead to awareness of the result, causing a feeling of pride and inner self-satisfaction. Lingering at the stage of self-contemplation, the effect of “resting on our laurels” may occur. You are already well done, you have already achieved something, and as a result, the movement towards the goal slows down or stops altogether.

You are not good at anything, you will become one when you achieve your goal and say to yourself, “I did it, I successfully completed my journey.” Up to this point, you can describe your actions with just one phrase, “Not bad.” And even after getting what you want, you should not stop, you need to rest and set new goals.

At achievement of the next intermediate goal, it is necessary

  1. Don’t talk about merit to anyone. Information about intermediate goals coming from you takes your energy and relaxes. There is a feeling that you are already at the finish line, and this is far from the case.
  2. Do not get hung up on the contemplation of the result. You are simply wasting your time, instead of taking a short rest and moving on.
  3. To understand that an intermediate goal is just one more stage, and there is nothing supernatural in this.
  4. Do not forget about the ultimate goal. Remember about why you started your journey, why it was so important for you, and what you will get by realizing all your plans.
  5. Treat the intermediate goal as a percentage of the entire path that you have to go, and recharge from the fact that every percentage point that lies ahead will bring you closer to your dream.

You should not be pushed into the back by the available results. Unconquered peaks must pull you forward. Victory is not a one-time occurrence, it is a process, it is a habit.

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