How to deal with children’s laziness?

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Any parents dream of their child growing up successful, smart, hardworking. However, in reality, not all dreams come true. Very often the child is lazy to do homework, does not want to help to do something about the house. How to cope with children’s laziness?

The reasons for laziness in the child

First, you need to understand why the child behaves this way? There are many reasons for this. And here are the main ones:

  • Lack of motivation. If you are forced to work, but not interested, the desire to work, of course, will be lost;
  • The desire to avoid failure. Perhaps parents often say that the baby does not work, it leads to uncertainty in their abilities;
  • Model of behavior in the family. If a child sees that parents are often too lazy to do something, he takes this behavior. However, if the parents work too hard, to the point of exhaustion, this can lead to the rejection of such behavior. That is, the child does not want to work like this;
  • Malaise, fatigue, overload in school can also cause laziness;
  • Hyperopia – often parents do not give the child something to do, while he is small, because they are afraid that the baby will get tired, it will not work. And when he grows up, he does not want himself;
  • Deficiency of games and movement – if the child moves little, rarely plays, that is, does not behave according to age, then such problems can also arise. This happens if parents early make a baby an adult;
  • Parents slow the baby’s initiative. Kroha wants to help prepare a dinner or give a hammer to the pope, and parents do not let him do it;
  • Revaluation or underestimation of opportunities. Parents may misjudge their child and give too many tasks or too little, this leads to laziness;
  • Temperament. If the child is a phlegmatic and does everything slowly, it may seem that he does not do anything at all, but only creates an appearance.

As you can see, the reasons are different. And because the children are all different, every parent must determine what is hidden behind such behavior of his child.

How to help the child cope?

Of course, the best is a personal example. This method works especially well with kids. After all, for a crumb, Mom and Dad – this is the ideal, which he has been oriented since early childhood. If parents neglect their duties, then the children also learn how to act. And the more a child becomes, the more he does not want to do anything. Therefore, involve the child from childhood to work and do all the work together so that the child can see that both parents work and he himself.

It is necessary to encourage the initiative of the child. Most often a small child of 3-4 years old is trying to help parents. It does not matter that he does something wrong, the main thing is that the crumb has a desire. And you can gradually teach how to do the work correctly. If you do not give the baby to show initiative at 5 years old, at 15 you can not make him even a little help.

In general, it is desirable to fix children’s household duties. Of course, this should be feasible work. So a kid 3-4 years old can remove toys, wipe off dust, brush his teeth and wash. A child of 5-6 years old can already put clothes in place, take care of a pet, clean up in his room, look after his brother or sister. At 7-10 years old guys can already wash dishes, vacuum, help to work in the garden. That is, it is necessary to find cases by age and try to instill in the child not only the desire to fulfill them but also the responsibility for them. After all, you need to work not only when you want, but when you need to.

It is necessary to approach the issue creatively. Often, children do not have enough inspiration, so they do not want to do anything. If parents try to punish the baby or vice versa, they promise him a reward, this kills the desire to work. This method is incorrect. It is better to turn an uninteresting occupation into an exciting game. For example, you can race toys. Or it will be interesting to play hide and seek when among the toys a small secret is hidden. Of course, each time to come up with some kind of game is difficult, but if you want to raise diligence in a kid, you’ll have to try.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the temperament of the baby, its capabilities. All this will help to correctly approach the solution of the problem with laziness. And it is very important to stimulate the child to move and play more because the game is the main activity of all children.

And a few more tips:

  1. Do not finish the child unfinished business;
  2. Use competitive moments;
  3. Do not use labor as a punishment;
  4. Do not always tell a child that he is lazy;
  5. Allocate a certain time for rest and laziness – yes, this is also necessary;
  6. Do not abuse the TV and computer, it is better to play volleyball or cycling in your free time;
  7. find things that will be interesting to your child. Of course, to instill a love for work is not so simple, but the success of a child in various areas of life in adulthood in many ways depends on this.

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