Five myths about plastic surgery: why you should not fear a plastic surgeon

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is part of every human life with great speed. If 10 Les ago this issue caused many of the girl’s shock and rejection, now talk about what we need to tweak the Breasts after childbirth, no surprise. What myths about plastic surgery there are  read in our material.

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Plastic surgery every year more and more closely into the lives of everyone and, very soon, will not differ from the usual trip to the dentist. Want to fix your nose? No problem. To make cheekbones? Please. Tighten the chest? Super. The services of plastic surgeons are available, and the relatively quick process of rehabilitation helps to correct something in themselves, without departing from the worker or the educational process.

For the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that despite the increasing popularity, myths about plastic surgery have not gone away. And some they interfere closer to his dream of a better appearance. Let’s see, what of the common beliefs about plastic have no relation to reality.

Myths about plastic surgery

✔ If you are too lazy to do fitness and to follow the diet — it is possible to do liposuction

Many girls think that beautiful body of celebrities is the result of liposuction. And, of course, in part they are right. For example, the singer Irina Dubtsova got rid of the extra pounds with this procedure. However, for some reason, nobody thinks about the fact that to maintain results, and especially to create the muscular relief, sweating in the gym and watch what you eat.

Plastic Surgery

✔ The myth about the seasonality of operations

Among some patients, there is a myth that certain operations cannot be done in the summer when it’s high temperature. Supposedly this complicates the rehabilitation and the speed of healing scars after plastic surgery. How do you know when it is better to do plastic surgery? Is it possible to do plastic surgery during summer or winter?

Thus, plastic surgery e.g. breast augmentation can be done at any time of the year and it proved successful results of thousands of plastic surgeries around the world!

✔ Implants that are inserted into the Breasts during surgery to increase, you need to regularly change

Modern technologies allow performing surgery to correct the shape and size of the breast only once. Moreover, the chest will look natural, if the client wants to insert implants natural shape. Another issue is that skin aging will lose elasticity, and artificial Breasts will SAG just like real. Especially if the girl is not wearing a bra.

So if you want, after some time, you can do a breast lift. But not everyone wants to change something as age-related changes.

After surgery for breast augmentation, you will be able to feed the baby exactly the same as you would do with natural breast. So, breast implants do not affect breast tissue, so the lactation occurs without any complications.

✔ Plastic surgery is a life-threatening

Indeed, plastic surgery is a surgery that is performed under General anesthesia. However, modern drugs allow you to make the process as safe for the body. So, modern types of anesthesia are not so adversely affect the heart and blood vessels.

Moreover, plastic surgeries are not performed on vital organs, therefore, if preoperative examination showed that your heart will survive the anesthesia — don’t worry, everything will be fine.

✔ If plastic surgery young — it will need to constantly update

In fact, the need for repetitive plastic surgery depends on its type. Any surgeon will tell you that to achieve the ideal, you need to “hit the mark” with the first operation. As with every surgery scars will heal worse and the result, accordingly, does not improve.

Plastic Surgery

If we talk about rhinoplasty (correction of nose shape), shape correction of ears or correct the curves of the legs, sufficient to carry out only one operation and forget about the problem forever. If we talk about the chest, perhaps with age will need lifting if you are not satisfied with the fact natural sagging. As for the facelift, in order to maintain the result of the operation will be repeated every 8-10 years.

In fact, if you do not go to extremes, and treat plastic surgery as a means of improving yourself, rather than a complete redoing, then no bad consequences will be.

✔ Plastic surgery is affordable only to the rich people

Indeed, 10 years ago to boast of the ability to change their shortcomings could only people with very high earnings. Today plastic surgery can afford to actually every person. So, liposuction costs between $ 500, breast augmentation is $ 1700, and a circular facelift — $ 1500.

✔ Nature be sure to avenge you

Many think that nature will take revenge on the man that he intervenes in the structure of the body. In fact, if this reasoning, then any treatment of the disease, which involves interference with the body, should be punished. However, in practice, everything is exactly the opposite. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it and improve the natural data instead of trying to change them completely.

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