Harmful drinks: When choosing beverages, evaluate their composition. Not enough to drink contained some useful item. More importantly, that it was not harmful.

Juice drinks are not as useful as it seems. Often it is colored sugar water, which is of no use. The amount of juice in these drinks is minimal. Look for 100-percent juice.

Coffee cocktails based on milk not only satisfies (a Cup of such “Goodies” can contain up to 800 calories) but also cause clogging of blood vessels.

Scented water dangerous high sugar content, negate the benefits of vitamins and minerals included in this product. Not to mention the fact that natural flavors are now almost never used, and whether to drink chemicals?

Diet soda is calorie-free, the damage to the body, like causes. But, on the other hand, it is not only harmful but also nutrients. The body is at idle.

Smoothies contribute to weight gain. In a liter of drink contains about 700 calories and only two grams of protein. And, of course, an overabundance of sugar.

A sports beverage can help increase fat burning, but also rich in artificial sweeteners.

Strong alcohol in small doses is able to improve blood circulation and help in burning sugar. But it is necessary to drink only a SIP above the norm, and the effect turns to the opposite: for example, the risk of death from cancer increases by 36%.

Lemonade is the most harmful to health. The drink contains 6 teaspoons of sugar, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and flavorings. It all adds an extra hundred calories and no benefit.

Energy Drink contains a large amount of caffeine and sugar. Providing short-term burst of energy, they subsequently cause serious fatigue.

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