How to earn from blogging and what are the things you must take care of?

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Making money blogging is one of the smartest decisions that you have made. Now that you have made up your mind, you need to know the dos and don’ts that will help you make money out of this passion. You don’t have to make an impressive empire, just take a few necessary steps mentioned below.

How to earn from blogging?


  • Get yourself a blogging domain

There are a number of self-hosted blogging platforms that you may use. The typically recommended blogging website is WordPress that also offers you to have control of the content and format of your blog.

  • Decide what you’ll blog about

This is the most crucial part because this is when you are setting a course for your future business. You should know that you’d be able to produce informative and substantial content around the type of blog you start. The following pointers will help you understand what kind of content people are looking for:

  • Something that gives the latest updates
  • Something that solves their problems
  • Something that makes them learn new things
  • Explains to them how to do something
  • Something that entertains

Blog reader usually would like to get answers to the above-given queries. Moreover, this is also the phase when you should know what type of things you can write best on. Some of the ideas are given below:

  • Travel Blogging
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Food Blogging
  • Health Blogging, etc.


  • Be active on social media

Once you decide on what you should be writing on, you should start being active on social media. You should look for relevant groups on Facebook and become part of it. This will help you understand what people are talking about in that particular domain and what they want to know. This will further help you create relevant content for the audience. Once you start building relations with people on those groups, you can share your blog posts to increase traffic on your blog. This will not only generate traffic, but people will start trusting your platform for serious updates.

  • Choose your income stream

Once you have established a sound blog, you now need to understand what kind of income stream you’d like to set for your blog. These fall into five categories including Advertising, Digital Products, Physical Products, Affiliate Marketing and Services.

Advertising means displaying ads on your blog sites, this may come from Google AdSense, Federated Media, and the likes. You can also take up private ads from businesses that would like to promote their products – digital or physical on your website. With affiliate marketing, you provide the product or service seller an opportunity to make your readers click on the website and go to the affiliate’s website to buy their products and services.

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