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Top 10 most expensive fish in the world


Expensive fish: Fish, rich in minerals and polyunsaturated acids, is an essential component of the human diet. Fish soup, steaks, dried and smoked fish – there are many ways to prepare it.

Along with the usual herring or flounder, a fish is so exotic that it is entered in the Guinness Book of Records and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at thematic auctions. Its uniqueness may lie in an unusual coloring, a significant weight, or even a deadly poison content.

In this article, we will tell you about ten examples of the most expensive fish in the world, which, despite the considerable cost, finds its buyer.

These are the top 10 most expensive fish in the world.

1. Bluefin tuna at 222 kg | $1,760,000

Bluefin Tuna At 222 Kg

“Here it is, the fish of your dreams” – this is probably what the restaurant owner thought when he saw a 222 kg bluefin tuna at an auction in the Japanese capital.

The absolute record holder (so far) in terms of cost was bought for subsequent sale “in pieces”, that is, in portions.

Also, do not forget about advertising: purchasing such fish is an excellent marketing move.

A small portion of this tuna will cost the buyer 20 euros, which, by the standards of a foreign restaurant – is a mere penny. By paying this kind of “divine” amount, the client can taste the most expensive fish in history, no matter how paradoxical it may seem.

2. Tuna at 269 kg | $730,000

Tuna At 269 Kg

They caught this tuna in 2012 and sold it at the same Tokyo auction for an awe-inspiring amount – $ 730,000. At that time, it was a record holder, breaking the weight and price achievements of its counterparts, which we mentioned earlier.

However, the record of tuna at 269 kg did not last long because of the previous “Tuna”.

3. Platinum Arowana | $400,000

Platinum Arowana

Speaking of Arowana, we didn’t mention this fish because it is unique: it exists in a single copy and is owned by a Singaporean millionaire, and experts (yes, and in such things, there are experts) estimate it at $ 400,000.

Despite regular offers, he categorically refuses to sell it, preferring the possession of such a phenomenon to money. The rich, as they say, have their quirks.

It would probably be a shame if a platinum Arowana, equivalent in price to a villa, were eaten by a cat on the ocean.

4. Russian sturgeon | $289,000

Russian Sturgeon

This specimen was caught in the Tikhaya Sosna River (a right tributary of the Don River in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions) back in 1924 by local fishermen.

It’s hard even to imagine how they managed to pull such a carcass out of the water: the weight was 1,227 kg. As already mentioned, the most valuable thing in sturgeon is caviar, and this “monster” stored almost a quarter of a ton (245 kg) of special treats.

Of course, at that time, fishermen from the Russian hinterland could not go to the Tokyo auction and sell Russian sturgeon for bourgeois currency. The auction itself was not yet held, but if someone caught such a “fish” now, the price would be approximately 289,000 “evergreens” (thanks to this, they included it in the Guinness Book of Records). And so, probably, they ate it all around.

5. Tuna per 200 kg | $230,000

Tuna Per 200 Kg

Another tuna (not the last one on the list) was 92 kg lighter than the previous one and cost 52,000 more.

It, like the 108-kilogram one, was sold at a Tokyo auction (yes, there are such fish auctions) in 2000, and the auction was quite hot, as evident from the final bid; many high-end restaurants and private individuals wanted to get it.

At that time, tuna at 200 kg was the largest, but later, they updated the record several times.

6. Tuna at 108 kg | $178,000

Tuna At 108 Kg

Tuna is a fish to eat: delicious, healthy, and not so expensive compared to others in our ranking, but enormous specimens are another matter. Fishermen who caught tuna weighing 108 kg can consider themselves lucky, as they sold the whole fish for $ 178,000.

Cutting it up and selling it “by weight” is impractical since the impressive price tag is formed based on the size in this case.

7. Arowana | $80,000


The cherished dream of many aquarists refers to the oldest representatives of the water element and is valued primarily not for its taste but its appearance. The elongated shape of the head, the presence of a tooth bone in the lower part of the mouth, and, of course, the color-all make it different from others.

It is also called the dragon fish, and according to legend, it can bring good luck to its owner. Considering that a single copy of the Arowana costs ~ $ 80,000, this could at least partially justify its price.

Purple, red, and gold-tinged specimens are most valued: many large companies buy them for aquariums in their offices, thereby showing their worth.

The most expensive is an Albino Arowana, which has no single spot and is entirely white. The price tag for such a fish may well exceed$100,000.

8. Albino Beluga | $2,500

Albino Beluga

Albino beluga belongs to the sturgeon family, so the most valuable thing in it is caviar. Since it rarely goes to spawn (life expectancy is about 40 years, although it used to reach 100) and is also listed in the Red Book, this pleasure is not cheap.

Beluga is the largest of all freshwater fish-the weight can exceed 1 ton. Her caviar is the rarest and most expensive in the world: 2.5 thousand dollars cost only 100 grams; that is, one sandwich will cost more than the monthly salary of many people.

9. Goldfish | $ 1,500


In this fish from gold, only one name (given because of the color of the scales), but the price is quite comparable to jewelry made of precious metal (although the latter may even be cheaper).

We can’t say that a goldfish is many times more useful or tastier than cheaper fish, and it can’t fulfill its wishes; it’s just that it’s not a perch, you can’t catch it in the river, so exotic lovers have to pay one and a half thousand American dollars.

They catch it only in one place near the South Korean island of Cheju, which largely determines the price: if it lived somewhere else, it would cost less.

10. Pufferfish | $ 100-$ 500

Puffer Fish

Pufferfish belongs to the family of pufferfish and is famous because after eating it, you can die.

An adult’s body contains enough tetrodotoxin to kill ten people, and there is still no antidote. The only way to save a person is to artificially ensure the functioning of the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system.

Containing enough tetrodotoxin is the reason for its popularity, especially in Japanese cuisine (in other countries, there are practically no chefs with the appropriate qualifications).

To prepare it, the cook must pass special training and get permission, and those who want to tickle their nerves with a gastronomic delicacy will have to pay from $ 100 to $ 500 apiece.

In many Asian countries, catching puffer fish is prohibited, as well as its sale, but this does not stop everyone. So, in Thailand, fish can be bought at almost every fish market, although there is a ban officially in the country.

Interesting fact: Thanks to numerous scientific studies, growing” safe ” puffer fish that does not contain tetrodotoxin has become possible. Eating it is entirely safe, but it is no longer enjoyable. It is not popular: without risking their lives, people are unwilling to pay for it.

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