The best way to increase internet speed: 6 Amazing tips

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Internet Speed

Internet Speed: Whether you are using the internet for work or entertainment purposes, one thing that remains important to you while browsing through the internet is speed. High-speed internet with no interruptions makes you work efficiently and save time and cost, while a weak connection is not just frustrating but is also a burden on your pocket.

Speed Test

Know your current internet speed

Before we guide you on improving your internet speed, it is essential for you first to run a speed test and know your current internet speed. You can do this simply by searching for speed tests or going to and running the tests.

Different tests may give you different speed results, or the same test gives you different outputs at different times. This happens because of the high number of online users present at that time and because of the location of test servers. The best way is to run the tests a few times and average it out.

Speeding up your internet

Below are some of the tricks you can perform to make your internetwork with its maximum speed potential:

  • Try changing your internet modem or route essential to test another modem or router because there is a high possibility that you think the modem you are using is fabulous. Still, in reality, it might just be out of expectation. This happens when the current modem you are using is inappropriate for the internet plan you have bought.
  • Run a virus scanner
    Generally, viruses in your system also slow down the speed of your internet. They remain on your systems and drain your computer’s resources. To avoid that from happening, make sure you are working on a virus-free system but regularly scanning your systems against bugs and viruses.
  • Check other programs’ interference.
    It is also possible that other applications or programs might be slowing your internet connectivity. You can switch each program off and then rerun the speed test.
  • Install good quality filters
    If you have an internet connection plugged in with your telephone line, you might want to change the filters and get new ones. These are small plugs, and the good-quality plugs help you to avoid any available disturbances.
  • Cordless phones are a bad idea.
    If you have a cordless phone connected to your internet, try replacing it with a conventional phone. Cordless phones are typically accused of slowing down internet speed.
  • Update software regularly
    You should regularly update your internet software. All routers come with their own software. You need to check for the instructions and perform the update.

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