Shopping online is great because you can find the lowest prices. And sometimes, you can even get money back or travel miles as a bonus. There are tools like CashBack Monitor that help you compare rewards from different shopping websites so you can get the most cash back possible.


You might think that using your favorite rewards credit card is the best way to get the most out of your purchases. But there are other ways to earn even more rewards. Here’s how you can get the most rewards possible for your purchases.

This is how CashBack Monitor works

You might know about websites where you can earn rewards for shopping, like Rakuten (used to be called Ebates), Shop through Chase, or the ones linked to airline and hotel loyalty programs. You might already be getting the most rewards possible for each thing you buy online. But how can you be sure?

CashBackMonitor makes it easier to know what rewards you can get from over 40 shopping websites. You can compare the rewards you can earn when shopping at almost any online store.

  • Cashback
  • Travel miles
  • Credit card points

Depending on where you shop and what credit card you have, you can easily earn extra rewards on most things you buy.

CashBackMonitor Helps You Easily Find The Best Rewards Rates


The cashback filter shows websites where you can get money back as a reward for shopping. Most of these websites are not linked to any credit card rewards program. Some examples are TopCashback, Rakuten (Ebates), and Shop at Home.

These websites team up with different stores to give you extra money back. All you have to do is start your shopping on the website instead of going directly to the store’s site, and you’ll earn extra money when you make a purchase.

Sometimes you might come across cashback credit card websites like the Citi Bonus Cash Center. But usually, general cashback shopping websites like Rakuten or TopCashback offer the best rates. When you use a non-credit card shopping website like TopCashback or Rakuten, you can get both your credit card rewards and extra money back from the website.

Travel Miles

CashBack Monitor is really cool because it can help you figure out the best ways to earn travel miles from airline and hotel loyalty programs.

Some examples of travel miles portals are:

  • British Airways Mall
  • United Mileage Plus
  • Delta SkyMiles
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards

When you buy something through one of these portals, the points go straight into your loyalty account. And if you use a credit card, you can earn even more bonus points.

When you make a free account, you can choose how much each loyalty point is worth to you. Different airlines and hotels have different values for their points, so this helps you find the best place to shop even faster.

Credit Card Points

Many credit card companies offer their own online stores where you can earn extra points or cash back when you shop. If you have a Chase credit card, you can use CashBackMonitor to see how many points you can earn with different Chase credit cards like Chase Freedom, Chase Ink, or Chase Sapphire. You can also check how many points you can earn with Barclaycard RewardsBoost and Wells Fargo Rewards if you have their credit cards.

If you don’t have credit cards from these companies, this tool won’t be helpful for you. It’s important to note that American Express Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou programs don’t have their own online shopping portals at the moment. However, you can still earn bonus rewards with these programs, like getting 5 times the points on airfare purchases or special deals linked to your credit card.

Other Rewards Points

CashBackMonitor shows how much money you can earn when you shop through sites like Swagbucks or MyPoints. These sites give you points when you shop online or do things like take surveys or watch videos.

When it comes to using these points for travel rewards, there are some limitations. The best way to use your points is usually to get gift cards for restaurants and stores.

You can also get cash through PayPal, but you might need a lot of points before you can do that. For example, with Swagbucks, you need $25 worth of points to get cash through PayPal, but you only need $3 worth of points to get an Amazon gift card. If you use a cashback site like Rakuten, you can get cash with just $5 worth of points.

Some of these sites also offer gift cards, but the options might be limited. For example, Swagbucks offers $25 gift cards for Southwest Airlines and Uber.

Custom Monitoring

CashBackMonitor is totally free. You can check the rewards for different stores. If you want to set your own values for travel miles or list your favorite online stores, you need to make a “My Monitor” account.

Custom Monitoring

Assign Cash Value To Miles

The main reason to make a personal account is so you can choose how much your loyalty points are worth.

You can also decide how much your frequent flyer miles are worth since they’re probably worth more than 1 cent each. Spending time to choose these values can help you earn more “free money.”

Who Should Use CashBack Monitor?

  • People who want to get money back and travel miles when they shop online.
  • Shoppers who want to easily see the prices from different shopping websites.

Advantages of CashBackMonitor

  • You can compare how much cashback, travel miles, and credit card rewards you can get from over 40 websites.
  • You can also combine purchases to earn as many points as possible.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to use, and you can adjust the point values to make sure you get the best deals when you redeem them.

Downsides of CashBack Monitor

  • No mobile app
  • No coupons or discount codes to help you save money.
  • You might find a better deal from special credit card offers.

Overview of CashBack Monitor

If you like finding good deals, you should use CashBack Monitor. You can easily find the best place to shop and the best credit card to earn the most points. Making your own account with custom point values will help you get the most out of this website.

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