Summer melon diet: Worried about calories in a melon? Not worth it. This juicy summer fruit, low in carbohydrates and sugar, contains large doses of vitamin C and only 47 calories per serving. In addition, the melon has a natural sweetness, so it is a healthy and delicious dessert.

What could be more refreshing than a juicy slice of melon on a hot summer day? This fruit is 90 percent water, and its flesh is full of vitamin A, vitamin C, carotenoids, and antioxidants.

One serving is about two medium wedges and provides more than 25 percent of the daily intake of vitamin A. This vitamin supports the formation of new skin cells, protects your eyes and supports a healthy immune system.

Each serving of melon also includes more than half the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, as well as small doses of zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Vitamin C supports immune function and metabolism, promotes collagen production and reduces the harmful effects of oxidative stress on cells and tissues.

Summer melon

Given these facts, we can say that melon is a superfood. Compared to other fruits, it contains fewer calories and carbohydrates, therefore it can facilitate weight loss.

How does summer melon contribute to weight loss?

As you can see, calories in a melon should not be cause for concern. Moreover, as we have said, melon contributes to weight loss.

In a September 2012 study published in the journal Obesity, overweight women who increased their water intake to more than 1 liter per day for 12 months experienced significant weight loss along with a decrease in fat mass and waist circumference. These improvements were associated with water consumption, regardless of the level of activity of the subject and food consumption.

Melon is full of water and quickly saturates. If you are trying to reduce calories, eat a slice or two before lunch or between meals. This will help reduce hunger and make it easier to control your servings.

melon helps to lose weight

A 2016 study review published in Nutrients highlights the effects of fruits on obesity. Several studies this year show that eating fruit can prevent weight gain and obesity. According to the authors of the review, these results are quite surprising, since most fruits are high in sugar.

For example, a research paper published in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition in May 2017 linked whole-fruit consumption with a lower risk of weight gain in middle-aged adults. Although, fruit juice has the opposite effect.

Scientists suggest that whole fruits contribute to weight loss by reducing total food intake. According to the Nutrients review, fruits contain biologically active compounds that stimulate the breakdown of fats, increase satiety and cause positive changes in the intestinal microflora.

If you are struggling with hunger, then try to drink protein shakes from melon between meals. Protein suppresses appetite and increases metabolism while maintaining muscle mass.

To make such a cocktail, simply cut this fruit into large pieces and mix it with one spoonful of vanilla protein powder and one cup of water, unsweetened soy or almond milk. Feel free to add low-fat yogurt, frozen berries or cottage cheese for an extra flavor.

Melon diet

Melon diet

If you want to get rid of extra pounds faster, then try the melon diet. It is the summer weekly diet, which is based on the consumption of melon, that allows you to lose about 4-5 kg in seven days. And thanks to this diet, you cleanse the kidneys, get rid of puffiness, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and increase the level of hemoglobin.

Here’s what the approximately daily menu looks like:

  • Breakfast — 400 g melon.
  • Lunch — 200 grams of yogurt.
  • Dinner — 400 grams of melon, 200 grams of boiled rice, a Cup of green tea.
  • Afternoon snack — app cookies with tea.
  • Dinner — 200 grams of rice, a salad of raw vegetables and 200 g of boiled chicken meat, Turkey or lean fish.

Enjoy this juicy summer fruit and be healthy! The main thing to remember is that before a diet it is always better to consult a doctor.

To make the weight loss process even faster, pay attention to special breeches.

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