How to understand that your partner is sympathetic?

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When between partners there is mutual sympathy, they often realize that they like each other. How does it work? Very simple – they send each other non-verbal signals of predisposition, interest. Our body speaks for itself. The subconscious mind works and gives the command “face”!

These are the ways to understand that your partner is sympathetic

Smile, gentlemen!

Smile, gentlemen

Signals of sympathy are recognized quite easily because people can be “opened” to you, he wants to please and tries to appear before you in all its glory.

Naturally, the first expression of passion and a good position to you is a smile. If the smile is symmetric and both sides of the lips are in the same parallel lines – this means that the person is really genuinely smiling.

At the same time, if one of the corners of the lips “goes” down – it is worth thinking about what the other person is quite cunning. And if the object of your sympathy shows its teeth in a smile – that’s all – it shows complete confidence and calmness, being in your society. Also, a sign of openness is laughter. After all, we are not ashamed to laugh openly in a well-known company, whose members treat us kindly.

But if a smile looks more like an animal grin, revealing for all to see all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw, be careful. Especially with a rounded look – similar facial expressions speak of aggression and negativity.

A complex approach

It is important that when you turn your head button “analyzer body language”, it must be remembered that “reading” the person you should be guided by the complex movements, gestures, postures, and gaze. When one gesture is emphasized to others.

When the behavior and gestures harmonious in the context of a particular situation. Because individual movement can talk about the different characteristics of the behavior of the read man. In this case, if the words of the interlocutor to contradict his gestures, we must trust in the gestures!

An integrated approach

How do girls act?

Usually, a woman talking to a man he likes lowers her voice to sexual hoarseness. She speaks more slowly than usual on the chant. And the girl, shy of her feelings and emotions, is likely to chirp and chatter, often losing her voice, laughing unnaturally and loudly.

The first thing to look out for is the look. Even without starting a conversation, she “shoots” with her eyes. Hold your eyes on you, and then, as if nothing had happened, switch to something else. If such a “trick” is repeated, then you can safely go into battle. Especially, if she smiles sweetly.

The girl straightens clothes or hair, talking to you? This is a clear sign that she wants to please.

Funny fact: on occasion, the girl asks for a handbag or brings it closer to you – such actions indicate that she is ready to trust you.

Women have softer “tricks” than men. She, of course, will demonstrate the beauty of her legs, throwing one over the other. Demonstrates the delicate skin of the wrist, “shoots” with his eyes, straighten hair. Moreover, dropping hair from the face by a sharp movement of the head back is a clear sign of sympathy.

So she demonstrates the lioness rr-rr-r. By the way, at the same time, it does not matter whether the girl has short hair or long. And, of course, a look. Languid with languishing, a little askance, because of fluffy eyelashes. And the eye-to-eye glance in itself speaks volumes.

What about guys?

The voice of a man will be soft, velvety, a little poetic. In this case, he will involuntarily preen, straightening his tie, or smoothing his hair. To keep your eyes on certain parts of your body longer than propriety allows. You can also identify unconditional sympathy, if a man came to you too close and, as it were, separated you from the outside world.

This behavior is indicative of proprietary features. He will repeat your gestures, whether nodding his head, or the position of his body. When demonstrating himself, a man will raise his chin, slightly tilting his head back.

What about guys

Watch, on the condition that the guy changes the way you talk, your facial expressions, when you appear, you are definitely in his area of interest. He will always try to help, support, especially if it is his personal initiative, and not a reaction to your request.


If the person attracts in your conversation the third party, it may mean that you have no interest. So he tries to build between you and an invisible wall to avoid making an eye. The interviewee openly yawns, takes away from you indifferent glance constantly switches to different items you are interested in. Find another partner for a conversation.

“To read” such signs is not difficult. After all, when someone we love or make our choices, comes to the aid of our sensual heart. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, who knows, maybe now you face your fate.

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