What kind of guys do girls like: 16 types

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When the question arises, which guys do girls like, often you can come to the conclusion that each woman has individual preferences.

Some of them pay more attention to physical characteristics, while others have high requirements in terms of intelligence, manners and upbringing.

And yet it can be stated that there are some qualities that are more likely to make men like women.

8 scientific facts about attractive male qualities

scientific facts about attractive male qualities

1. Leadership qualities

Let’s imagine how it was in the days of the cavemen when men hunted mammoths, and on Sundays, instead of going to Church or hugging the couch, they fought bears.

In such an environment, a woman’s best chance for survival and childbearing was to enlist all possible support from the man who led the tribe.

According to psychologists, this evolutionary programming still has a strong impact on women’s preferences today.

It was found that members of a certain social group find their leader more attractive, in contrast to people who are not members of it.

For example, employees of a particular company are more likely to find their manager attractive than people outside the company’s staff.

How do you develop this trait? Start small. Leadership is largely an art that takes time to master leadership skills.

Put yourself in a situation where you have to take responsibility for its successful resolution.

It can be something simple, such as organizing a country trip for a group of your friends. But you can get fired up by a more ambitious project, such as setting up your own business.

Once they see that you can easily take control of a group of people and inspire them to take action, you will become many times more attractive to them.

2. Social confirmation

Women don’t want to be with a man who sits at home all day playing Xbox.

Girls like guys who are at the center of life’s events, wherever they go. Women like men who are the soul of the company and are always surrounded by other people.

As a result, girls themselves involuntarily strive to become a part of such an exciting life, which manifests the power of social confirmation.

In a 2010 study, psychologists asked a group of volunteers to evaluate the attractiveness of men and women based on photographs.

After that, the same volunteers were shown photos of the same people, but this time in an embrace with a representative of the opposite sex, each of whom was presented as either one of the study subjects.

What are the conclusions? Boys and girls who were photographed next to attractive “exes”, almost all of the volunteers rated as more attractive.

Therefore, in parallel with focusing efforts on finding a girl, it will not be superfluous to focus on the development of social skills in General, meeting interesting people and expanding the circle of friends.

Develop friendships with those people who add value to your life and your social validation.

3. A sense of humor

Scientists say that people perceive a good sense of humor as a sign of intelligence and developed social skills.

For the same reason, women are evolutionarily conditioned to respond to the presence of mind as an attraction factor.

The logic is as follows: a smart man will be able to better provide for and protect a woman and her future children.

As a rule, a sense of humor is an innate human trait, but if there are white spots in this area, this skill can be developed.

If you have always been able to make people around you laugh, then you have a precious gift that you should not forget to use in the process of communicating with girls.

4. Quiet movement

Take a look at any alpha character from some famous movie. The first thing you’ll notice is that they do everything consciously, smoothly, and slowly.

Think, for example, of Clint Eastwood’s character. He barely speaks during the entire movie, but he looks like the coolest guy.

Scientists have found that men who have unhurried movements and speech are often perceived as more confident, and therefore more liked by girls.

5. Athletic build

Of all the existing male forms, women like the most “V-shaped ” athletic male body, that is, clearly defined upper body muscles and a narrow waist.

Wearing clothes that fit perfectly is another good idea.

6. High growth

Psychologists say that most girls like tall guys who seem to them the embodiment of masculinity.

And again, ancient roots… Women are evolutionarily inclined to prefer taller men.

And while this advantage may seem less important in today’s context, evolutionary programming is still deeply embedded in the female psyche.

It should be added that one of the conducted studies showed that the most popular among women are men of average height.

But what if growth isn’t your strongest point? No matter, the main thing is that you are not lower than the supposed object of love, although this is not a mandatory rule.

If you are the owner of short stature, but at the same time a real man, you should not worry at all. A short cheerful guy with a suspended tongue and a sense of humor is quoted by girls much better than a sullen high Jock.

7. Low voice

Girls are definitely more attracted to guys who can boast a low timbre of voice, which, like many previous qualities, is due to evolutionary factors.

8. Light bristles

That’s why actors like Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman are used to appearing in public as the owner of a two-day beard.

In a survey of more than 350 women, most of them agreed that the presence of hair on a man’s face adds to masculinity and attractiveness.

What kind of guys do girls like? 16 more qualities

What kind of guys do girls like

1. Success

Success and wealth are not identical concepts. Yes, most successful people have money, but a large number of unsuccessful people also have it.

A person who has made money on his own is a much more attractive person than someone who has inherited it.

Therefore, it is true that girls like successful guys.

2. Ambition and determination

Most women regard the lack of male ambition as a repulsive quality.

Being lazy and not wanting the best for yourself and your loved ones is not what women hope to find in a man.

Ambition is not so much about making money as it is about improving your life to the required standard.

Ambition includes determination and self-confidence. The fact that a man is striving to achieve a goal is not only something extremely attractive, but it is also quite rare, no matter what you think.

Ambitious people are a dying breed, but they are always popular at any level of their lives.

3. Charisma

Let’s not lie, girls like charismatic guys.

Money can’t buy charisma. Few women have this quality, but almost every woman tries to find it in a man.

Charisma is hard to describe, but it manifests itself in the way a person moves, speaks and even looks at others. It is a combination of a strong personality, determination and self-confidence.

Given the above, charisma should definitely be added to your list of upcoming achievements.

4. Intelligence

It is not without reason that it is said that the most attractive male organ is the mind.

A significant difference in the intellectual development of a guy and a girl can easily cause a subsequent breakup.

Women want to be aroused by a man both physically and mentally. With a smart man, it is always interesting, so such a character is unlikely to get tired of the girl.

5. Appearance and sense of style

Well-groomed guys with an impeccable sense of style can not help but please girls.

It is not necessary to resort to design solutions, but it is very important to take care of your appearance, smell and personal hygiene.

Those men who are willing to put in the extra effort are usually rewarded with more attention from women.

Therefore, if dirty sweatpants are an integral part of your habitual appearance, it may be worth reconsidering your approach and investing time and money in a good wardrobe, branded fragrance, haircut, etc.

In addition, don’t forget about the importance of your posture, because straight shoulders are a sign of confidence.

6. Confidence

Confident guys are liked by girls because they believe in themselves, in their strength, and are ready to defend their rights.

Self-confidence is a very important quality for any man because it represents an inner strength that is always noticed by others.

One of the most important expressions of confidence is confidence in who you are. So don’t forget that you should never be afraid to be yourself, but don’t become arrogant.

7. Independence

A man should be able to rely on himself and his abilities, be independent, Mature and move through life without using other people as necessary crutches.

Women like independent men who live their own lives and always have a personal space, even when they are in a relationship with a girl.

Such interesting personalities will not stop halfway, implementing their plans, but will also show courage and enterprise.

8. Good job and high income

Commercialism is a bad quality. But it’s better to face the truth than pretend that money doesn’t matter.

Girls like guys who have a prestigious job and a high income, as well as having the attributes of a successful man, which should include their own living space and a good car. Hmmm… What is prestigious for an Indian, then for an American it is a common thing.

But even if you can’t brag about the above things, it does not matter. Just put aside your laziness and remember that you have something to strive for.

9. Positivity

Everyone wants to surround themselves with happy and positive people, not those who bring negative emotions and exert a destructive influence.

Happiness is a state that is accessible to everyone, but most people prefer to remain immersed in their own suffering.

Any man will be faced with difficulties throughout his life, and how he will be able to cope with them is of great importance.

Some use their black streaks as a source of personal development, while for others, difficult times will become an excuse to stay unhappy.

10. The ability to communicate

As well as a good sense of humor, the ability to communicate with a girl is an attractive trait for any woman.

Women like men in whose company they feel comfortable and at ease.

Be a pleasant conversationalist, speak in a calm, low voice, showing genuine interest in the girl during the conversation.

11. Spontaneity

Women love spontaneity and intrigue.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend every weekend visiting a new country or prepare your girlfriend a bath filled with champagne.

Be spontaneous in small things. Ask a girl to do a few dance steps while walking, or write an unexpected message.

12. Good manners and respect

Treat any person with appropriate respect if they deserve your respect. By addressing people in this way, you will receive respectful treatment in return.

In addition to the ability to manifest strength, girls like good manners in boys, beautiful manners, a sense of tact and the ability to take care of them.

13. Men’s attention and care

If you are convinced that women only want diamonds, expensive jewelry, and a holiday in the resort, quickly put this garbage out of your mind.

A small but thoughtful gift will make a girl’s heart beat faster.

Listen to what she says, and sooner or later you will find out that she likes potted violets or cat pendants, for example.

Also, don’t forget to ask how the girl’s day went, how she feels, and what her thoughts are doing. Women need questions like air.

14. Honesty

Honesty is the foundation for many other personality traits, such as integrity and trustworthiness.

Many women complain that men say one thing and then do another. If a girl is sure that you are being honest with her, she will have no reason to distrust or doubt you.

15. Reliability

Girls like guys who are not afraid of commitment.

Reliability and responsibility can be shown even in the performance of minor requests if the man has given his promise.

16. Sexual compatibility

The intimate component is one of the most important reasons for entering into relationships, their development and preservation.

Therefore, if there is no compatibility in this issue, such a relationship will either not be long-term, or painful.

Girls don’t like these types of guys

What kind of guys don't girls like

1. Having a habit of complaining

Surely there is nothing more repulsive for a girl than a guy who constantly complains. And the more complaints, the lower the level of respect for such a man falls.

You stepped into a puddle and curse out loud everything in the world because you got your pants dirty? Minus one point.

You constantly complain that you have very little free time, that you are desperately and unsuccessfully trying to advance your career ladder, and indeed the whole world is against you? Another minus 20 points and the game is over.

2. Guys who don’t have any friends

Women want men to be attractive not only to them but to their companions to feel sympathy and other people.

The absence of a social circle is bound to cause women’s anxiety. The girl will start to think that something is wrong with the guy if she is the only one who spends time with him.

This is probably the easiest trap to avoid. But there are times when guys please and in it.

The way out in this case is very simple – find your friends.

3. Needy and insecure guys who put girls on a pedestal

In modern society, the process of seducing women is most often reduced to male attempts to logically convince a girl that it is necessary to enter into a relationship with this guy.

As a result, the whole complex of ingratiating and manifesting oneself in the role of the needy is involved: the girl is told how beautiful she is, like her photo on social networks, or the guys, as if trying on a peacock costume, are trying to show how wonderful they are for love.

Men constantly look at women’s chests. It does not offend or embarrass us. This is a little stupid. This is childishness. This is paradoxical. But men who constantly look at our chest will never be those who attract us.

Christina Hendricks

And the problem is not that the guys are interested in girls, but in how they do it:

  • There is nothing wrong for a man if he looks, appreciates and gets pleasure from seeing a woman’s face, figure, legs or chest, even if it is done completely directly and obviously. However, it’s too much to stare at the same girl all the time. You can look at it, but you can’t take it – this is the belief of an insecure man.
  • If a guy looks at a girl furtively, so that she doesn’t notice it, but at the same time the girl is completely clear, this is another manifestation of uncertain behavior. Either watch or do not watch. I liked it – communicate, did not like it – leave it to another.
  • Trying to run after a girl, constantly calling her, taking offense at her, finding out why she did this or that – this is generally the edge.

Women are accustomed to the situation in society, and they like it … They like that they, again and again, receive confirmation of their sexual demand, but they rarely want to connect their fate with the subjects of such attention.

If you had experience communicating with a large number of women, you probably noticed that often girls, especially very attractive ones, may not seem the most supportive of your attention.

Their cold attitude has a direct relationship with a large supply of male options.

Every beautiful girl living in a big city is trying to drive thousands of men throughout her life, pronouncing the same words and acting in the same way.

So, in doing so, you will become for this girl simply the number 1,275. She is looking for a man who will do otherwise, who will not become her idolater.

It’s not that the bad guys get it all. The fact is that the good ones get nothing.

David X

Therefore, if a guy seems to be in need or clearly not confident in himself, exacerbating his disadvantageous position by trying to chase the girl, constantly calling her and sending text messages one by one, she will simply flip it over, like a page in the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary, and proceed to the next interesting section of her life.

Boys who really like girls never put them on a pedestal.

In conclusion. You are enough

You are sufficient

Self-development is a very useful component of the life of every man, but you should not be attached to the onset of the desired result.

If you think that you should develop some important masculine qualities to please girls, remind yourself: “You are already enough to like girls.”

Firstly, personal development has no limits, so there is a possibility of being in a state of eternal expectation.

Secondly, the realization of intermediate goals is already the time to take action.

Thirdly, once at the finish line, you may realize that even without all this acquired tinsel, “You were already sufficient then”.

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