How often to cut hair? Amazing question of 2019


Hair cut: Many on the left believe that the more you cut hair the faster they will grow. Myth or truth? We decided to find out!

A haircut and fashionable coloring complement your look. In addition, these are very nice beauty manipulations that bring pleasure. Before you go to the salon, you need to decide on the shape and shade of hair, which we talked about earlier: three fashionable hair colors that are younger and refreshing.

In order to understand how often you need to cut your hair, let’s talk about the phases that each hair follicle goes through.

How to speed up hair growth

Each hair follicle goes through phases: anagen (saturated with oxygen and nutrition), catagen (certain cells die off), telogen (some hair falls out, the creation of a new hair bulb begins). We have briefly described the “cycling” that repeats every period. If you grow hair, then you need to accelerate the transition from the resting phase (telogen) to the active (anagen). How to do it? Choose a special treatment with components that will “irritate” the hair follicle!

Does hair cutting affect hair growth?

The main difficulty in growing hair is the cut ends that need to be treated and cut off periodically. What for? If you do not do this, then the damaged structure will “move” up (you will have to cut a lot more).

The visited tips “will make themselves felt” a month after the haircut. To delay this process – use oils and thermal protectants. On average, you should cut your hair every three months (but individually). Thus, they will receive the necessary nutrition and healthy components from care products.

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