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Yoga skin: an interesting beauty trend in makeup

Yoga skin: Every season we analyze new trends in facial skincare and makeup. Uncover new trends together?

Most recently, we told you about one of the fashion trends of this year – skincare. This is a skip of some beauty steps that will allow you to relax from cosmetics and make a little detox for the skin.

Yoga skin is one of the makeup techniques that will make your skin incredibly radiant. The name “speaks for itself”, because the face becomes more hydrated, as after yoga.

What is Yoga skin?

Yoga skin is an interesting trend that is “gaining momentum.” The main difference is that this technique adds a glossy sheen and glow to dull skin. You will need only a couple of funds. Use only pink-bronze liquid textures (optional).

The Yoga skin technique is suitable for those who like a glossy effect on their skin!

How to make a fashionable effect?

The skin looks healthy, radiant and hydrated as much as possible (without oily sheen). Makeup Artist on her Instagram profile showed and told how to make a fashion effect:

  • First, you need to clean the face using their favorite tools. Important point: give the texture for 5-10 minutes so she has time to penetrate the skin.
  • Apply the required amount of base for makeup (no silicone in the composition).
  • Take one drop of your loved one’s care and mix it with a liquid illuminator. The massaging motion “beat the skin” with the fingertips.
  • Add one drop of liquid highlighter for intense Shine (you can skip).
  • Make a light massage to the face acquired a fresh, rested appearance.
  • Optional – Apply a light coating of mineral powder.
  • Use concealer under the eyes.
  • Add a little cream blush and Golden bronzer. The main rule — the texture should be liquid!

Step-by-step video can be viewed at the Instagram account at @sarahillmakeup.

Makeup type of artist Sara Hill said as his Instagram profile:

I created new skin Yoga techniques to help people achieve a natural radiance to the skin. This differs from the “effect of glass skin” as it does not require perfect polishing. It is not suitable for everyone. But, if you want to try: add one drop of the liquid illuminator and a little oil in your base and RUB massage movements. The most versatile option!

What products to use for yoga skin technique?

We made an interesting selection of tools that will help you easily repeat the fashion technique yourself. You can use your favorite products. The main rule is cream textures (blush, bronzer, highlighter, porthole and others). The exception is powder.

1. Base for makeup from Artdeco

Makeup base from Artdeco

This product will be an excellent base for other funds. Silicone free and maintains a natural water balance.

2. Golden dust highlighter drops

Golden dust highlighter drops

Highlighter in drops-format is very convenient to use because it can be applied even with your fingertips. The tool has a universal shade with a golden tint. This option is good for creating fashionable makeup.

3. Caudalie Polyphenol C 15 Facial Oil

Face oil Caudalie Polyphenol C 15

The composition of the product is enriched with grape seed oil, lavender, neroli and nutmeg roses. Moisturizes and promotes rapid renewal.

4. Catrice Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealer from Catrice

Resistant coated with a light texture. Apply to areas that “do not require” shine. The composition contains hyaluronic acid. This component “holds” moisture inside the cells.

5. Blush in Avon Mark stick

The blush stick Avon Mark

A compact stick that refreshes makeup. Apply to cheekbones and blend with your fingertips. This format is perfect for travel.

How do you like the new beauty trend? Please let us know in the comment section. Also, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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