Best astronomical photographs of 2020

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Astronomical Photographs

Astronomical photographs: Authoritative international competition “astronomy photographer of the year”, Investment Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year, the Greenwich Royal Observatory has spent 10 years in a row. This year it was attended by more than 4,000 Amateur and professional photographers from 91 countries.

To choose the winner, who will receive the main prize of £ 10,000 among such an abundance of talented work was very difficult. However, in the end, the jury came to the conclusion that they should become American photographer Brad Goldpaint.

On his thrilling picture, “Moving the soul”, presented in the category “People and space” captured the red rocks of Moab, over whom in all their glory Shine with the milky way, the Moon and the Andromeda galaxy, and on the left, you can see the silhouette of the photographer that makes the shot.

Best astronomical photographs of the year

Astronomical Photographs

1. Nicolas Levado (France) and a picture of him in Finland, “by Aurora”.

Nicolas Levado

2. Stephen Moore (Australia), and the “Mysterious galaxy NGC 3521”.

Stephen Moore

3. Jordy Delphix Borrel (Spain) has created inverted telescopic images of the moon landscape, highlighting the border between the Sea Clear and Sea Calm.

Jordy Delphix Borrel

4. Nicolas Levado (France) and his fantastic photograph of a Solar Eclipse “the Sun King, a Little King, and God of war.”

Nicolas Levado

5. Martin Lewis (UK) and its infrared image of “Grace Venus”.

Martin Lewis

6. Shemar Ferenc (Hungary). His photo “Midnight star” depicts a circumpolar star alamak.

Shemar Ferenc

7. Mario Who (Italy) with a photograph of the nebula NGC 6726-27-29 called “Dusty complex South of the Crown.”

Mario Who

8. Tianhong Li (China) – “galactic curtain”.

Tianhong Li

9. Damian Persic (UK) captured a rare picture of “the Meeting of two comets with the Pleiades”.

Damian Persic

10. Fabian Dalpiaz (Italy). The called the “Grand autumn morning”, was made by the 15-year-old photographer in front of the school.

Fabian Dalpiaz

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