23 most beautiful children models in the world


These children gave nature a wonderful appearance and incredible diligence. Kristina Pimenova, Anastasia Bezrukova, Anna Pavaga – perhaps the future top models of the world are ahead of us.

Before them, model houses all over the world are ready to open their doors. They have millions of fans and thousands of envious people. We represent the most beautiful children in the world, and the rating includes both girls and boys.

8 most beautiful children models of the world:

1. Kristina Pimenova

Christina was born in the family of a famous footballer Ruslan Pimenov and his wife Glyceria. Modeling career, the girl began at 3 years old, and at 4 already confidently paced the podium. Christina collaborated with such fashion houses as Prada, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani. She starred for the cover of the children’s Vogue. In 2014, a number of publications in Russia and abroad called Christina “the most beautiful girl in the world”, and so far no one has been able to challenge her title.

“Her stunning azure eyes and angelic appearance will charm all the important people in the fashion world”

The girl was auditioning for the role of Renesmee in the movie “Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 1 “, but did not pass the selection only because of insufficient knowledge of English.

Christina is very popular in social networks: on Instagram, her account has more than one million subscribers, and on Facebook – 2 million. Cristina’s mom, as well as her entire career, is engaged in the accounts of Glyceria. A woman is often accused of exploiting the angelic image of her daughter. To some subscribers, it seems that in the photos Christina looks too provocative and takes “too adult poses”. To this, Christine’s mother objects:

“I do not perceive the accusation that we exploit the sexuality of the child. I’m sure that all her photos are absolutely innocent. “

In addition to the modeling business, the girl is seriously engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, and last year, after signing a contract with the model agency LA Models, Christina moved to California.

2. Anastasia Bezrukova

Nastya Bezrukova, contrary to popular opinion, is not the daughter of actor Sergei Bezrukov, although she starred in the same film. The girl’s father is a Moscow lawyer Dmitry Bezrukov, her mother Svetlana is an entrepreneur. Nastya is one of the most famous girls in Europe. Career Nastya began at the age of eight. Her first photo shoot was done by photographer Zhanna Romashka. The girl was very photogenic and talented and almost immediately received offers from several model houses.

She starred for such magazines as Vogue Bambini, Harper’s Bazaar, Collezioni, and others. Cooperates with fashion houses Moschino, Benetton, Dolores, Pinko, Incanto, Monna Lisa, Armani.

Recently, Nastya tried herself at the cinema: together with her namesake Sergey Bezrukov she starred in the family film “Milky Way”. Nastya is a very sociable and active girl. He likes spending time with friends, doing rhythmic gymnastics, and performing with the dance ensemble “Freckles”.

Mom Anastasia claims that her daughter is not going to associate her life with the fashion world, this is just a hobby. Most recently, the two most beautiful girls in the world, Anastasia Bezrukova, and Kristina Pimenova delighted their fans by starring in a joint photoshoot. Subscribers of girls admitted that they are like their own sisters.

3. William-Franklin Miller

On the Australian boy, engaged in the modeling business, the glory fell suddenly. It all started with the fact that one Japanese schoolgirl posted on his twitter his photo. In a matter of hours, the photo became incredibly popular in Japan and China, and then all over the world, and gained several thousand retweets. A blue-eyed boy with a bottomless look has a huge number of fans.

Internet users unanimously recognized him as the most beautiful boy in the world. So, overnight, without knowing it, he became an Internet star. Although William was already a fashion model for 5 years and even acted on television, he did not expect such popularity, because, in fact, he is the most ordinary boy who goes to school, loves spending time with friends, and playing rugby.

4. Laneya Grace

Its amazing appearance the girl is obliged to the bizarre mixing of blood: among her ancestors, there are Spaniards, Americans, and Filipinos. Laneya Grace was born in San Francisco on June 23, 2004. The girl began her modeling career at the age of three. Then her mother was expecting a second child and, wondering what would take her older daughter while she was babysitting, took her to a Ford modeling agency.

Photographers were delighted with a pretty green-eyed girl and immediately contracted with her parents. Already in the first photo sessions, the girl showed extraordinary abilities: she was perfectly able to pose in front of the camera. Since then, Lane has appeared in more than 40 photoshoots, and also tried herself as an actress, appearing in the music video of the Swedish band Avicii together with the young Russian model Kristina Romanova.

The girl lives with her parents, younger sister, and beloved Lando dog in San Francisco. Recently, she switched to homeschooling and stopped attending school due to excessive employment on the set. The young model is engaged in boxing and adores to skateboard. Dreams about acting career and idolized Gigi Hadid. According to her character, Lanea, according to her own words, is gay, curious, and a little strange. Previously, she suffered from shyness but managed to overcome this shortcoming.

5. Elizabeth Hailey

This Canadian girl started her career only 2 years ago when her mother Anne-Marie Ashcroft read an article in the Daily Mail devoted to Kristina Pimenova and the scandal that broke out after the mother of Christina placed her in the social. network photo of a nine-year-old daughter in a bikini. Then the Pimenovs family was accused of deliberately publishing provocative photos of their daughter.

But Anne-Marie Ashcroft struck not this scandal, but the incredible resemblance between Christina and her own daughter Elizabeth.

“The similarity between Christina and my daughter is just supernatural. Until I accidentally found out about Christine, I doubted that Elizabeth should start her modeling career at such a young age. Now I understand that time is the most suitable for her. “

An enterprising woman immediately took the girl to a professional photographer. “A copy of Christina Pimenova” immediately became interested in several agencies.

Now Elizabeth, a serious and timid girl, cooperates with the Montreal modeling agency, dances, dreams of an anesthetist career, and admires Romeo Beckham. Whether she can become as popular as Kristina Pimenova, time will tell.

6. Lily Chee

The career of this girl from Brooklyn began quite suddenly. She and Dad went to the store for potatoes and caught the eye of an employee from the modeling agency Wilhelmina. A long-legged girl with an exotic appearance (in the veins of Lily flows Caucasian and Malaysian blood) attracted his attention. And went-go! Contracts, shootings, fashion shows. Now the girl in the face of the sports brand Nike, also she has signed contracts with Ralph Lauren, Velveteen, Levi’s. Over the past year, it has earned more than $ 20,000. All the earned daughter’s fees her parents put in a special account, withdraw money from which she can only when she reaches 18 years.

Lily is an active and agile girl. She enjoys playing football and dancing.

7. Ira Brown

Ira Braun became famous several years ago when this two-year-old baby was just starting her career. Photos of the “live Barbie” laid out in the network, caused the Internet community a lot of emotions: from rapture to the irresistible desire to “tear hands” parents. And indeed there is the reason for indignation: the baby was impregnated with an adult make-up, made complex hairstyles, and according to rumors, even bleached her hair and increased her lips.

Although the mother of the girl and assured her that the daughter loves to pose and dress up, it is highly doubtful that a two-year-old child enjoyed the long process of hairstyling and make-up. Many decided that parents simply make money on the beauty of their little daughter.

Now the popularity of the seven-year-old Ira has faded a little, but she continues to appear for different brands of children’s clothing.

8. Anna Pavaga

To storm the model Olympus Anechka Pavaga from St. Petersburg started very early, at 3 years. Her pretty face decorated the covers of the magazines “Erudite”, “Children”, “BILLBOARD”. The girl was shot a lot to advertise various children’s products.

She advertised the brand of dishes Taller, children’s store Kideria, the St. Petersburg aquapark “Waterville”, starred in catalogs of children’s clothing. Anya has already tried herself in the acting field: she starred in the clips of the band “Marcel” “Mood Autumn” and A. Malysheva “Little Man”, as well as in the episodic role in the film “The Universe of Water”.

Anya is a cheerful and positive girl. She has been practicing ballet for a long time. He adores the older brother Misha and the dog of the Chihuahua breed. By the sweetness and ability to keep in front of the camera, Anya is not inferior to Kristina Pimenova, and she also has all the chances to get the title of “the most beautiful girl in the world” in the near future.

9. Alexander Plushenko

Well, we are all with this boy. The son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko Sasha, aka Gnome Gnomych, was in ninth place in the rating. Already in a year and a half, he had his first advertising contract, and then he became the hero of many glossy publications about children.

10. Jare Ijalana

The most beautiful girl in Africa and that says it all.

11. Jade Weber

By origin, jade is French but lives in the United States. She has worked with brands such as Forever 21, H&M and Abercrombie and Fitch.

12. Susanna Molchanova

She is expected to be a big success in the modeling business — no less than Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid. Sussana has already appeared in several dozen photoshoots and participated in more than one show. In addition, she became the face of Stella McCartney Kids and won the Topministersmodels competition.

13. Arina Lebedeva

The daughter of Elena Perminova and Alexander Lebedev followed in her mother’s footsteps. Together with her, she has already appeared on the cover of glossy more than once. Whether it will still be!

14. Jordyn Reinle

At just six years old, Jordyn is one of the most sought-after models in the United States.

15. Alisa Samsonova

This beauty, who hails from Krasnoyarsk, last year became the face of Armani Junior. Now the girl is actively working abroad and takes part in photoshoots and fashion shows.

16. Meika Woollard

Well, this young model is the most beautiful girl in Australia. She started her career as a model at the age of three and has already participated in fashion week, however, for children. She tries herself in movies and two years ago starred in a short film.

17. Sofia Razuvaeva

This girl is often compared with Natalia Vodianova – either because of the outward similarity or because of talent. Sofia starred for children’s clothing catalogs, participated in the show of the “Podium” project, and became the winner of two Grand Prix in the international competition “Pride of the Nation”.

18. Alice Bragina

Thanks to her incredible and natural childlike beauty, Alice quickly gained leading positions in the Russian and Western modeling business.

19. Lola Chuil

A girl with almond-shaped eyes, thin features, and plump lips, Lola Chuil breaks the established standards of beauty.

It was her appearance that made a high school student in Los Angeles famous all over the world.

20. Nicole Plieva

The unusual definition for a child of “inner beauty” is fully suitable for Nicole Plieva. But in the little poetess, inner and outer beauty are perfectly combined.

It is amazing how at such an age one can feel poetry so subtly, and most importantly, recite it with heartfelt feelings and emotions.

21. Mackenzie Foy

The star of the film “Twilight” Mackenzie Foy played the daughter of Bella and Edward in the film legend. The young Hollywood star was 12 years old at that time.

A vampire with the face of an angel so-called a young actress by Directors and fans of the talent of a young actress.

22. Eva Smirnova

Eva from Moscow won the hearts of Russians not only with her incredible beauty but also with her reasonableness and purposefulness.

At the age of 4, Eva loves to watch the news and dreams of becoming a TV presenter. A little girl confidently declares that she will be the host of the main Russian channel.

23. Fátima Ptacek

At the age of 16, Fatima became a world-famous American actress and model. Looking at her childhood photos, you could already predict a successful career.

At the age of 6, Fatima began her artistic career by voicing characters in animated films and shooting in feature shorts.

The young and charming actress is actively engaged in charity work. She works with organizations that help fulfill the dreams and wishes of terminally ill children.

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