If you occasionally, like me, lose weight by summer or by the New Year, then you notice it too. All fitness classes end in stretching – from Pilates to TRX. Why all these bends and twines, if during this time you can take another approach? We understand together.

In fact, stretching is just as important as the warm-up and the workout itself. And if you are doing very intensively – even more important.

Many do not understand the importance of regular stretching. But it needs to be done daily, ”says David Nolan, a physical therapist at the Harvard branch of the Massachusetts hospital.


This understanding comes to us. But only with regular strength training. When after the next time you try to reach the floor with your palms and … you literally can’t! But almost everyone can do it, right?

You might argue that by nature people can be more or less flexible. And you will be right. But flexibility is not something supernatural. It can be developed in yourself. And if you are in the gym, shake the press, ass, something else there, be sure to do it. Why? Because naturally elastic muscles, when you train them intensively, become harder and, so to speak, become clogged. The more you “pump” them, the harder it is to stretch it later. And this is the main reason why stretching, like squats, should be done regularly.

Here are five reasons why stretching is a must

Stretching is the “sporting” side of yoga, like the last, creates a positive effect not only on the physical but also on moral health. It soothes, helps fight stress and tension. After all, it is almost impossible to think about some earthly problems, when the ligaments literally ache in bending forward with their legs wide apart.


Stretching helps to relax the muscles after a workout and avoid muscle squeezing when the whole body aches terribly.

“After the exercises, your muscles may appear dense. If you exercise with weight, their length is reduced, and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, immediately after training, muscles should be stretched to reduce the tension in them, ”

– says Nicole Palacio, certified personal trainer.


Stretching improves overall health and improves health. Namely: improves blood pressure, teaches how to breathe correctly, calms the heart rate. It also teaches superpowers to stay calm and relaxed, even in the most difficult poses.

Stretching teaches how to control your body. And to do the most difficult exercises without fear of dislocating, stretching, etc. You know how when you try to lunge and your knees crunch. So, with a banner, this will not happen.

Stretching is beautiful and elegant. Having a good workout, you can finally replace the same type of selfies with cool photos in splits or spectacular slopes. For inspiration, see the Instagram profile of famous Russian gymnast Samira Mustafaeva (@samira_mustafaeva).

Do you want the same? Then after the next workout – with dumbbells, elastic bands or loops, it does not matter – be sure to spend time stretching. Better yet, attend specialized classes regularly.

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