What to write to a girl on the Internet. Part 4

write to a girl

What to write to a girl? Based on the Online dating system discussed in a previous article, we can conclude that all the girls are available, but not always and not with everyone. It may happen that, without reaching a result on the first date, the second may not take place (for example, the girl considered that you were not suitable for her). But this is natural, in connection with which the planes of our fleeting male sadness always need a backup airfield, in other words, we must take a lot.

Therefore, when you start to write messages to a girl on the Internet, send them to all the girls whom you thought were acceptable for a good time from the photo.

Before starting correspondence with anyone, it is forbidden to think whether the girl wants to communicate with you or not!

Never, under any circumstances, think for another person; this is not your concern. Your task is to offer acquaintance, despite your prejudices, if any, have settled in the corner of your mind.

Getting to know girls is like shopping in a store. You are not afraid to ask the seller about the availability of goods, thinking that the seller may not want to sell you. Anyway, how do you know if a product is out of stock until you ask about it?

Your question is: “I need such a thing, is it on sale?” If not, you go to another store and do not bathe, because in some stores you are sure to find the goods you need. There is always one who expects you to offer her something.

If you think that there are few girls who are hungry for communication with you, then this is a false belief. You are very mistaken. There are a lot of them. You have to realize it.

You must also realize one important thing: all girls, without exception, engage in carnal manifestations of love, expressed in physical proximity. The only thing that should limit you is whether you yourself want to enter into communication with a particular girl, judging by her appearance.

When to write messages

If you want to meet a girl on the day of acquaintance – it is possible, but it is better to prepare in advance. Weekend plans – start chatting from Monday to Friday, but again, this is not a dogma.

What to write to a girl on the Internet

To begin with, do not write. You can’t express rudeness, it’s forbidden to write vulgarities, communicate on intimate topics, at least in the process of correspondence, unless of course, the girl herself was the initiator of this topic.

At the right moment, the girl herself will take a step towards, by accepting your proposal, but if it is directly connected with various kinds of obscenities, then everything is in vain. Then why waste time?

You can start with “smart” expressions, such as “Hello, you have no strings to start our conversation right here?” As a rule, I start communication with completely simple phrases, which will be discussed in the next article, because I am not trying to interest anyone, I select. I don’t really care how the girl reacts to my words. I copy the greeting and paste it into the correspondence forms for a large number of girls.

If you are already chatting with some girls, but continue to search for the following, be careful when working with copying and pasting so as not to ask twice how you are doing, what the girl is doing, etc. This is a jamb; she will understand that she is one of many. A real man does not allow this.

If this happened, laugh it off: “Damn, I’m tired at work, say hello twice”, or write: “Sorry, mixed up, the ex-girlfriend sent a message, still hoping for something,” but you may have to explain why you broke up (suspected of treason).

In general, you’re smart, you’ll figure it out.

During correspondence, you should ask the girl questions about her range of interests: what she does — works or studies, whom, where, how long, like or not, and, most importantly, how and where she usually spends her free time.

It’s great if you sparkle with humor and originality, but this is not the main thing.

Based on the communication scheme that you proposed, it will be built, i.e. You will have to answer similar questions. Whether to tell the truth is up to you, but if you really liked the girl and make contact, it’s better, to tell the truth about yourself, it’s rather streamlined, but you shouldn’t exaggerate your merits, this is not the main thing for women.

Some sources of information contain information on how to persuade people to do what they don’t want to do, for example, how to get a girl to give a phone number. I believe that if at the beginning of communication on the part of the girl there is a lump of doubts about whether it is worth developing the relationship, then closer to a date, and even worse on it, this lump can turn into an avalanche.

It’s much easier to select girls than to force them. Then it will be easier for you with them. In other words, the girl herself must agree to your offer to share a phone number with you and agree to meet, without external influence.

In the next article, read examples of correspondence with a girl when meeting on the Internet.

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