What to gift on March 8: universal gift ideas

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Choosing gift is not an easy task, especially if we are talking about International women’s day. Let’s be honest — there is no perfect gift that will appeal to all.

Flowers and candies are great, of course, but we suggest to choose something more functional, stylish and original. We have compiled 10 of the universal ideas, among which you are sure to find something that will satisfy even the most capricious lady.



You are not familiar with living cosmetics? And you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself, your girlfriend, mother? We have selected some interesting offers for you.

As cosmetic companies are known for their simple and effective recipes of masks from natural ingredients, we cannot fail to mention. The trial kit of 5 mini masks: flax, sea buckthorn, black currant, rose and pearls that will help to nourish, moisturize, enrich our bodies and to give a radiant look to your skin.

I also want to tell you about a little helper that should be in every makeup bag — gray cream. It helps to remove irritation and rashes, All you need for this point to put a small amount of cream at night and in the morning to Wake up and see the effect.

To please yourself and your skin pleasant and useful procedures and familiarize yourself with the cosmetics brand you can in the branded beauty parlor.

Decoration with personal engraving

personal engraving

Decoration is something that will delight any woman. But to make the gift special, engrave for your chosen necklace, bracelet or ring a wedding anniversary, children’s birthdays or any other memorable date. This gift will be a real heirloom that will be passed on from generation to generation and will become a favorite decoration of the owner.

Silk pillow to sleep

silk pillow to sleep

Let her feel like a Queen with this super soft silk pillowcase. It will not only make sleep more comfortable and enjoyable but also help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With this pillow, you can forget about the morning swelling and the wrinkles on his face. What better gift for a sleeping beauty?

Portable turntable

portable turntable

Warning: presenting this stylish, modern player, be prepared for a regular party with hot dances till the morning. The player will be a stylish addition to any interiors. And built-in speakers a good mood will accompany the owner of the device wherever she went.



Give a bottle of her favorite red wine along with this beautiful mouth-blown decanter, which will help to reveal the taste of the expensive drink. Choose a decanter with a wide base to ensure maximum aeration.

Bamboo Cheese Board

bamboo cheese Board

We have already talked about the decanter, now we suggest paying attention to another accessory for the wine lover and cozy evenings with friends. A chic bamboo cheese board goes well with any interior, and in the convenient built-in drawer, all the serving utensils can be stored. This eco-gift will please any hostess.

Bath bombs set

bath bombs set

Sorry for the tautology, but a set of bombs for the bath – it’s really a bomb! There is nothing better than to relax in a warm bath filled with bright colors and soothing aromas. A set of 6 or 12 bombs is even better than a box of chocolates because it makes the skin soft and radiant. And do not forget that caring is the best manifestation of love!



If she is healthy and loves to make fresh smoothies, sauces or soups at home, she will appreciate the blender. This is not only elegant but also a functional gift, it will perfectly fit into any interior and will help to diversify the menu, because useful doesn’t mean boring.



If nothing on Earth gives her such pleasure as sitting on the couch in her beloved pajamas, plunge into the wonderful world of book heroes, give her a touch-free e-book on the screen so she can read even on the road.

Perfume in the travel format

perfume in travel format

Every woman wants to smell unforgettable, right? Perfume in travel format in our days is the absolutely irreplaceable thing. If you know the name of her favorite fragrance, present a mini-copy in a convenient spray bottle by March 8. Believe me, you will melt her heart.

Organic cotton homewear

organic cotton homewear

Homewear can also be luxurious! Insanely soft sweatshirt and pants are ideal not only for home hanging but also for long trips and flights.

What’s your ideal gift for March 8?

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