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What to do when a breakdown or not in the mood: Amazing tips

Not in the mood? There are periods in life when there is no strength to do anything and do not want to. You are healthy and had a good night’s sleep, no one offended you, even the weather makes you happy, leaving your face warm from the sun, but for some reason, your mood threw you to vegetate on the sidelines of vital activity.

What to do when a breakdown or not in the mood

Perhaps you go very long towards your goal or it seems to you that your path has been going on for ages. Maybe you are tired of the lack of results, realizing that you are doing everything possible, but for some reason, your dream has not approached the threshold of your success, while continuing to hide beyond the horizon. You are like a weak-willed doll controlled by someone unknown, you don’t understand whether you are moving in the right direction, whether you are walking in a circle or even moving in principle.

And what if everything is useless, that if nothing comes out, why torture yourself and amuse yourself with empty illusions, if nothing makes sense.

It happens that you have reached your goal and got what you wanted. You are infinitely happy and so happy that you shine brighter than the stars in the sky. But after some time, suddenly bang, and you seem to be gone, you are like a void, a vacuum in outer space. Nothing is of interest to you. Everything that was valuable to you has become unnecessary husk, sand, hiding the red-hot surface of a lonely desert.

You got what you so longed for, and what next? What happened to you? Is it despondency, spleen, or depression?

When you become a hostage to such a mood, think about this …

Think about the children who are in hospital wards in oncology departments and hope someday, if they are very lucky, to celebrate their fifteenth birthday. Think of warriors returning home from a war center wounded and crippled who have no arms or legs. Think of the mothers who learned of the death of their children who died as a result of a plane crash …

Now get up, go to the mirror, look into your eyes. Is there really something worth worrying about? Is there really anything more terrible than human grief?

If you’re not in the mood shake off all this nonsense, save your consciousness from an imaginary oppressed state, and let’s get to work.

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