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Coca leaves, cola nuts and a big secret: what makes Coca-Cola from

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola: The history of the most popular sparkling water on the planet has more than 130 years. At the same time, it was originally sold in pharmacies under the guise of a medicinal product, and it contained fresh coca leaves – plants with a high content of cocaine alkaloid. The fact that Coca-Cola, whose name is made up of the names of the plants it contains, is an unhealthy beverage, has been said and written a lot. Nevertheless, it remains the most famous soda in the world, and the company that produces it keeps the composition of a profitable beverage secret. So what’s so unique about this soda?

What makes Coca-Cola from?


Date of birth “Coca-Cola” is 1886, when a former soldier and a pharmacist from Atlanta, John Stith Pemberton invented the refreshing drink caramel color. In it consisted of extracts of the leaves of the Coca Bush plants and fruits, Cola, nuts, which contain caffeine. Originally, a drink called Coca-Cola was patented as a medicinal remedy for depression and also as a substitute for morphine and opium, the use of which was fairly widespread in the environment, retired military after the Civil war. Besides I and John Stith Pemberton suffered from this addiction, so Coca-Cola was sparing analogous to bad habits.


But after the end of the 1890s among scientists and in the press was a wave of propaganda against the use of cocaine as substances that adversely affect health, in the formulation of the now popular drink has been amended. Now for the production of Coca-Cola used fresh Coca leaves, and undergone special processing, after which they are no longer contained traces of cocaine. In General, the formulation of this fizzy drink has undergone many changes and is not only a piece of the American pharmacist but the food chemists of our time.


What the modern Coca-Cola is made of, although it is indicated on the label, it still contains a number of secret moments that are not subject to disclosure. And this is quite understandable, since as early as the beginning of the 20th century, caramel-colored soda pop, which had become popular, had many doubles, whose manufacturers were trying to capitalize on someone else’s popularity.


If you believe the published data, the classic “Coca-Cola” contains a significant amount of sugar and sugar color, for which nutritionists ranked it among the products, regular consumption of which leads to obesity. In addition, it contains caffeine, an extract of cola nuts, lemon, and coca leaves, vanilla, glycerin, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (E221), and flavors.

This is the main composition of the drink, which can be changed, depending on the variety. After the Turkish authorities set an ultimatum and forced to disclose the exact composition of the drink, it turned out that the food dye carmine (E120) also comes in, which is obtained by insects called the cochineal bug.

Despite the fact that in the press periodically there are new data about the secret ingredients, the exact composition of the popular drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company, known only to a narrow circle of the management of the company.

Coca-Cola Company


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