What foods you can eat after 6 pm?

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The question of what foods to eat, and whether there is any after six in the evening, excites many girls. So is it worth it to arrange a meal in the evening, and if so, which products are acceptable – read in our article.

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You can relax because nutritionists have confidently reported that dinner after six is not only possible but necessary. So, if you go to bed for about ten hours, dinner at six is absolutely acceptable. But if you go to bed after midnight, then the last meal may be at nine in the evening.

Doctors are sure that this approach to nutrition will not affect the figure in any way if you choose the right foods for dinner.

Here are the foods you can eat after 6 pm:

Cottage cheese


Cottage cheese is an ideal product for the last meal. It has a large amount of calcium, and up to 18% of the total composition is a pure protein. Cottage cheese is very easily absorbed by the body and does not cause everyone a known feeling of heaviness, from which, sometimes, you don’t know where to get away.

At the same time, cottage cheese is able to give a feeling of satiety for a long time. For dinner, you can safely mix it with fruit or add a spoonful of honey.



For meat eaters, meat is the perfect dinner. True, it should be non-greasy. Best if it is a dish cooked on the grill or in the oven. The fried version of the treat, in extreme cases, is best left for lunch.

Use vegetables as a side dish: salad, sauté, baked. Leave porridge, pasta and potatoes (except baked in foil) for daily meals.



Fish will also be a good dinner for those who care about their health and want to keep their shape for a long time. It is rich in phosphorus and proteins, is well absorbed, does not give a feeling of heaviness, and does not require a lot of time to prepare: just fill the fish with lemon, add herbs and spices, and baked goods in foil. To prepare such a dinner you need only 20 minutes.

Use vegetables as a side dish.



Fried eggs, omelet with mushrooms, meat, vegetables and cheese, boiled eggs – all these are great options for evening meals. Eggs are rich in protein and very nutritious, which will allow you not to feel hungry until the morning.

Cardiologists have proven that cholesterol, which is part of the egg yolk, is harmless to humans.



Another good option for the evening, if you are not very hungry – this is fruit. You can eat berries, citrus fruits and apples as dinner. Bananas, peaches and grapes should be put aside in the morning.

A great option for fruit lovers can be a fruit salad, which can be seasoned with low-fat yogurt or sour cream. For dinner, you can also cook baked apples with honey.

If after dinner you again wanted to eat, then drink a glass of kefir, sourdough or yogurt. They perfectly “hammer” the feeling of hungry.

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