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True love: what it is, signs, how to save


True love does not consist of a fast heartbeat or a gaze. It takes quite a long time for true love to arise.

Contrary to popular belief, love at first sight is not identical to true love.

It is nothing but passion, a strong surge of romantic and sexual emotions that fill your mind.

When you just start dating someone you have feelings for someone, at first sight, what you experience is not love, even if you think that this was a rare feeling.

You are just experiencing the first stage of love – falling in love.

What is true love?

What is true love

The concept of true love, ironically, cannot be fit into one definition.

This is the kind of love that most of us aspire to, but only a few really find it or realize this emotion before it is too late.

So what is true love? This feeling, as a result of which a person behaves, going beyond the usual behavior of ordinary lovers.

When someone hurts you, you are angry with him. If someone is lucky: he earned money or got a better job – you envy him. When someone tries to humiliate you, you want revenge.

This is a common human behavior, and it seems to you that these qualities are deeply rooted within you, becoming a part of your essence.

But when you feel true love for someone, your usual behavior changes in relation to this person.

Figuratively speaking, even if you get a slap in the face from an object of love, you might not want to turn your second cheek, but the thought of revenge for what you did in your head will not arise.

When a person experiences true love

When a person experiences true love

True love takes time to emerge and prove itself. What you experience in the first and even second year of a relationship is love based on sexual desire.

When bursts of emotions begin to disappear after the first quarrels and misunderstandings that arise, your feelings will certainly be tested for strength. As a result, the idyll of many couples is destroyed due to incompatibility.

If you are in a relationship in which you truly understand each other and feel sincere closeness and compatibility, and most importantly, love each other for a long time, most likely you already experience true love.

Does true love really exist?

Does true love really exist

Does true love only once in your life? Actually no. You can experience it many times and with different people.

But true love can also eventually pass.

For most of us, the first love is the first time we experience the purest form of true love.

We are not afraid to let this special person into our hearts, and we are not worried about the opportunity to experience grief. We are fearless in love, and we love sincerely and passionately.

But when the first relationship ends, the love that we considered real also gradually disappears, even if it takes years and several new relationships to stop loving a person.

After people have experienced more than one relationship, many of them are divided into two groups: those who believe in true love, and those who are sure that true love does not exist.

The experience gained in love experiences can play a significant role in your understanding and expectations of true love.

And if you are wondering if true and romantic love are identical, then this is not so, although we almost always associate true love with romantic love.

True love is unconditional love in its purest form, while romantic love is based on physical attraction.

True love cannot be faked

True love can not be faked

True love is experienced sincerely and naturally. You will not be able to fake it, and no matter how hard you try.

If a couple cannot pass the compatibility test at the stage of falling in love, it will be difficult for them to ever experience true love.

On the other hand, if both partners are able to understand each other, and they are sure that they are created for each other, over time they will begin to sincerely love and will be able to become one.

As a result, such relationships will turn into pure and selfless love, which we call real.

Signs of love

Signs of love

1. The desire to give

The desire to invest in a partner and in a relationship is unconditional, not supported by the desire or expectations to get something in return to confirm the validity of your actions.

2. Simple happiness

The moment you just watch the smile of your other half, your heart is overwhelmed with happiness, even if today turned out to be very difficult.

3. Pain and anger

You feel pain when a loved one upsets you, but at the same time, their actions never annoy you.

You cannot be angry with him for long, because quarrels and ignoring cause you even greater pain.

4. The ability to sacrifice

You are able to sacrifice your happiness or well-being, even if your girlfriend (boyfriend) will never fully appreciate it.

5. Reasonable effort

You go to great lengths and make efforts to improve relations, and also consciously try to please your partner and allow him to feel loved and special.

6. You never hurt them

When you are truly in love with someone, you cannot even think about harming them, either emotionally or physically.

You to me, I to you – this is a strong human instinct, but true love makes you completely selfless.

7. The fulfillment of all promises

If you make a promise to your other half, you are sure to keep your word, even if your lover will never know that the promise has not been fulfilled.

When you experience true love, your moral side becomes very strong in relation to the object of your feelings.

8. We

In relationships, it is important to have personal space so that a man and a woman can develop as individuals.

But at the same time, if you really love your partner, you will treat them as a part of your life.

When you think about your future, you cannot imagine it without your loved one.

9. You share their burden

And you do it, even if it is difficult for you. You cannot see how your other half is suffering.

If she is dealing with a problem, you are always ready to offer a helping hand, even if you have your own difficulties and lack of time.

10. Pride and jealousy

You are overwhelmed with pride when lovers achieve something, even if you yourself could not achieve it.

You can be jealous of your life partners, but when it comes to true love, there will be no place for jealousy in your relationship.

11. Suffering

You are ready to suffer, just to see your beloved happy.

12. Your actions are inseparable from their interests.

When you are busy with something, your actions are carried out taking into account the interests of your girlfriend (boyfriend), whether planning a party or talking with friends after work.

You do not want to hurt your chosen ones, therefore you are always able to look at the situation from their point of view before making any decision if it can affect them.

How to keep love?

How to keep love

Getting under the power of the senses is not so difficult, but to maintain the spark of love for a long time, you will need to work.

However, as long as working on relationships is more like a game than normal work, you should be fine.

  1. Try your best to love your partner unconditionally, even if the behavior no manifestations of egoism seems to be too difficult for you.
  2. Consider emerging issues with regard to the opinion of your loved one.
  3. Learn to put up as soon as possible, even if hugging your girl (guy) is the last thing you have on mind.
  4. Make love regularly, but never specifically allocate time for it. Planning intimate life can easily turn it into intolerable boredom.
  5. Set up a dialogue with each other and jointly develop your love never stop sincere communication.
  6. Learn how to highlight each other’s personal space so that you can both develop as individuals. Even the closest relationships need a pinch of loneliness that from time to time to let each other breath.
  7. No, don’t take each other for granted. This is the easiest way to become a victim of misunderstandings, quarrels and circumstances.
  8. If absolutely necessary, use a white lie, of course, if this deception is unimportant and unable to affect your relationship, but can make your partner happy.
  9. Never shy away from positive criticism. If you say constructively, your words will help your girl (guy) to become even better.
  10. Become a shoulder you can rely on no matter what. Hard times are a test phase for your relationship. Be near, and when the storm is over, love will shine even brighter.
  11. Never argue publicly, but publicly show your affection.
  12. Don’t let it fade away sexual attraction to each other, which also includes keeping yourself in good physical shape and generally care about their appearance. If you are in a relationship, this does not mean that you can afford to look like a beggar under the store.
  13. Give a compliment to your girlfriend (boyfriend), even if they did a perfectly normal job. Compliments are the best way to thank your loved one for the efforts that he has made for you, and no matter what the scale of the service is.
  14. Mark important events. Birthdays and anniversaries can be repeated many times in your life, but it’s these moments that create memories.
  15. Never try to intentionally make your lover feel bad or bad. Such actions can leave a deep scar that can hurt the relationship.
  16. Learn to forgive without resentment. No matter how difficult, forgiveness is one of the qualities of true love, which is one of the most important in a relationship.
  17. Respect of their elected representatives with all my heart.
  18. Trust your girlfriend (boyfriend) and your instincts, even if others say otherwise.
  19. Never drip into each other on the brain, even when you have mastered the temptation, crumpled out of anger or frustration.
  20. Learn how to organize time together. There is no better way to come to true love, in the process effectively time spent, as in this case, your relationship will develop rapidly.
  21. Don’t make a serious face, as if a serious relationship is very difficult, responsible and stressful. Behave playfully as children. Evening pillow fights will not harm any of you but can help you both to enjoy the relationship.
  22. Be spontaneous. Do not wait for special occasions or special moments to Express your love. Unexpected surprises always bring more positive emotions than scheduled events.
  23. True love has no recipes because each relationship has its own characteristics. Instead of relying solely on the experience of others’ relationships, do not forget to learn from your successes and failures.


If you are in a relationship and do not experience signs of true love, do not worry. Perhaps your relationship has not reached a state of emotional maturity that exceeds physical attraction or the stage of falling in love.

Do not rush and take unnecessary actions. You cannot force yourself to truly fall in love with someone; instead, try to better understand each other.

But if you do nothing to bring happiness to your love, it may be better for both of you to build relationships with other people.

At the same time, if both of you are already happy in a relationship, do not try to change anything. Most often, selfless and unconditional love takes time to materialize.

You cannot push yourself to the next stage in love until both are ready for it. But if you are happy and understand each other, you already experience true love.

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