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Trendy haircuts for long hair: 10 interesting options


Most recently, we told you about the most fashionable haircuts in the 2018-2019 year. The choice of the hair depends on the length of the hair. What to pick up on long?

Long hair is very beautiful, but not always convenient, because it takes much more time for styling. In order to facilitate your task, we have selected the top 10 most fashionable haircuts of this season.

Perfect haircut for long hair should combine versatility and fashion trends. Talk about the details?

1. Haircuts with ragged tips

Ragged tips are one of the fashionable hair trends of 2018-2019. To perform such a haircut for long hair, you need to use special thinning scissors. With this detail, you can transform not only the styling but also the bangs.

Haircut with ragged tips

2. Fashionable haircut cascade

The cascade is suitable for any length. This versatile haircut adds volume and layering. Another plus is quick and easy styling with a regular round comb or brushing.

Trendy haircut cascade

3. Trendy haircut “ladder”

Often it can be confused with the cascade, but this is not correct. The main difference is the cut only on the front strands. Try combining this styling with an extended bang.

Trendy haircut ladder

4. Straight cut on the hair

Geometry and sharp lines – this is not only one of the fashion trends in manicure, but also an excellent “move” in laying. Straight cut on the hair is suitable for medium and long hair.

Straight cut on the hair

5. Layering

This type of haircut for long hair resembles a cascade with ragged tips. The main secret is to observe the gradation of strands and select them under your face shape.


6. Long caret

Kare is suitable not only for medium hair length. An elongated type with an even or torn cut looks very interesting. This haircut is young and adds mystery. Take it into service: a long square blends in perfectly with an open dress.?

Long Kare

7.  Style Diversity

Another fashionable hair trend is individuality. Each haircut should take into account the peculiarities of the personality, emphasize the morphology of the face, body, head shape. Pick up yours?

Style Diversity

8. Trendy haircut with bangs

Want to change? No need to immediately run to a beauty salon and change your haircut. You can start with bangs. A little detail transforms and changes the whole styling. In addition, it is one of the fashion trends of the season.

Trendy haircut with bangs

Trendy haircut with bangs

9. Long Bangs

Universal option – elongated bangs. With it, you can do a lot of styling. Use brushing and comb accessories.

Long bangs

10. Or maybe try a short haircut?

Short haircuts give elegance and a little bit of audacity. Trendy haircuts combine geometry, carelessness and layering. We are already preparing interesting options for short hair!

short haircut

Chose your trendy haircut for long hair and let us know on the comment.

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