Top 3 recipes of tea with ginger, lemon, honey and raspberries for the prevention of colds

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Top 3 recipes: Doctors are sure that there is no need to fear the 2016 swine flu, as with strong immunity and proper flu prevention, there are chances not to get sick at all, or to suffer a mild illness. Today will share tea recipes with ginger, honey and raspberries for colds or for the prevention of influenza, which will help your immunity to become stronger and withstand the flu epidemic of 2016, as well as ease the condition in the early stages of the disease.

Prevention and treatment of influenza can be not only effective but also tasty. In general, doctors advise not to panic about the swine flu epidemic of 2016, but try to relax, drink healthy teas with ginger, lemon and honey, use vitamin C and remember that in case of temperatures above 38, you should immediately seek medical help. In addition, doctors insist, the best opposition to a possible disease is its prevention. So, you need to avoid crowded places, as well as improve your immunity. One of the methods to increase it is hot tea for cold and flu.


Recipe: Tea with ginger and lemon


Tea with ginger and lemon for many hundreds of years is an excellent tool that strengthens the immune system, helps the body during colds and flu, as well as helps weight loss. The fact is that ginger is rich in vitamins of group B, C and A, and thus has a very beneficial effect on the body. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, it was believed that ginger tea helps in the fight against the plague.

The most valuable in ginger is its essential oil, which contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic substances. To make ginger and lemon tea, you will need a teaspoon of chopped root, boiling water, lemon and honey. Pour into hot (but not just boiling water) ginger root, add a slice of lemon and let it brew. When the tea with lemon and ginger has cooled slightly, add a teaspoon of honey.

Recipe: Tea with honey

Tea with honey

Tea with honey is an excellent tonic. It is tasty, useful and necessary during the period of winter rampant of viruses. To make this tea with honey, you need to brew classic black tea. It has antiseptic properties, slows aging, and also improves vitality. In addition, in combination with honey, tea works great as a prophylactic agent for a number of diseases, including for the prevention of influenza.

It is worth noting that honey is best not to add directly to the drink, but to eat it as a bit of sugar. If this option does not suit you, add honey exclusively to the cooled tea, because when it enters the hot environment, the honey loses its unique properties and becomes an ordinary sweetener.

To improve the effect, add some cinnamon and orange zest to the tea.

Recipe: Tea with raspberry from colds and flu

Tea with raspberry from colds and flu

Tea with raspberries for many years used for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu. It’s no secret that raspberries contain salicylic acid, with which they usually churn the heat. Salicylic acid also fights viruses and kills germs.

It is worth noting, it is best to brew tea from raspberry leaves if your goal is to prevent flu because it is in the leaves that the main storehouse of salicylic acid is located. To give the tea with raspberry leaves flavor, you can add frozen raspberry berries and some honey.

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