Top 10 ideas for the wedding


Planning for the upcoming wedding is very touching and exciting. After all, this is the first day of your new family and the memories of it will forever remain in your memory. So, it must be special, interesting, bright and original. Sprintally offers you several options for holding a wedding ceremony in the rating ” Top 10 ideas for a wedding “.

1. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

This style was born in the 80’s in the UK, and literally translated as “shabby shine.” Shebbie chic is very popular among wedding ceremonies because its color scheme fits perfectly into the decor picture, and the photos look very impressive. Requisites of this design will perfectly serve a vintage alarm clock, rocking chair, candlestick “under bronze” and even a grandmother’s service. However, it should be noted that it is not always easy to implement such an atmosphere, constant creativity and appropriate props are required. However, putting the idea into practice, you will get a truly unforgettable wedding day. The main secret to creating an image is the correct combination of elements of antiquity and delicate shades. Suitable style of colors: pink, yellow and turquoise. It should not be forgotten that colors should be chosen from pastel tones.

Season: late spring and summer

Main Color: Pink Quartz

Flowers: tea rose

Details: copper lamps, antique porcelain, decorative wrought-iron cages, caskets, lace tablecloths, satin ribbons, scented candles.

The image of the bride: an elegant slightly careless hairdo, accessories for the olden days, an outfit with satin ribbons and guipure inserts, make-up in pastel shades.

The image of the groom: a jacket is optional, a hat, suspenders, and moccasins are possible.

2. Tiffany


This style is very popular, especially among celebrities. The legendary role of Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany” glorified the chain of jewelry stores, turning them into a kind of luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. The main element of this wedding theme is its color. The characteristic color of the wedding in the style of Tiffany is a lot of names: soft blue, turquoise, sea waves, and mint. Color is officially registered and registered in the company’s corporate brand book. Classically, it was believed that the color scheme of the wedding in the style of Tiffany assumes a white color and all shades of mint. Elements and details of black color are added occasionally.

Season: all year round

Main color: blue shell

Flowers: orchid

Details: decor elements in turquoise or mint colors, white tablecloths, crystal dishes, diamonds.

The image of the bride: white or gently blue dress, possibly in retro style, long gloves, veil, pearls, diadem, make-up in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

The image of the groom: a classic gray or black suit, a turquoise shirt or tie.

3. Wedfest


Weddings of the festival format are gaining increasing popularity in Britain. Wedfest is a ceremony on the lawn in the open air, where the chic shoes were replaced by practical sneakers. An obligatory condition for such a wedding is a positive attitude, a friendly open atmosphere, and fun. The ideal location is not a forest or a field, but a cozy landscape park. Such a wedding does not suit a pompous banquet, it is more appropriate for a buffet or a buffet table. In case of unexpected rain, you can set up a tent city with the main guest tent and several cozy gazebos for guests. For convenience, they can be provided with small tables and soft pillows. To support the atmosphere of the festival – it will take an open stage with a guest ensemble.

Season: summer and early autumn Primary

Color: Green Beam

Flowers: sweet peas

Details: comfortable mats for relaxation, Bengal lights, ribbons, flashlights, soap bubbles, colorful rubber boots and everything that fantasy tells.

The image of the bride: a wreath of lavender or chamomile, a bracelet of wildflowers, a short dress, a bright make-up, shoes without heels – ballet shoes or shoes.

The image of the groom: jeans instead of trousers.

4. Colorful


The bright, juicy and multi-colored ceremony is annually chosen by a lot of couples around the world. For decoration of the arch and the room, any brightest elements available to you are suitable. The more flowers – the steeper! If you are afraid that guests can choose the outfits of pastel tones – stock up with bright accessories for them. For this perfect fit: glasses, crowns, bezels and fake mustache on a stick. Just give them to the guests at the entrance, noting everyone a bright detail. Decorate the hall with colorful posters and banners. Prepare a seven-layer cake with a rainbow-colored glaze. Such a wedding is appropriate at any time of the year. In warm seasons, it emphasizes the natural beauty of nature, and in the remaining months creates a unique festive atmosphere.

Season: all year round

Main color: at least three contrasting shades

Flowers: asters and peonies

Details: posters, balloons, bright tablecloths and napkins, confetti, various photo-photos

The image of the bride: bright beads and necklaces, large earrings, colored shoes, flashy make.

The image of the bridegroom: bright shoes, tie, and boutonniere

5. Rustic


One of the most popular topics in recent years, because it is suitable for any country, any season and any wedding budget. The requisite of such a wedding can be any gifts of Mother Nature: apples, pumpkins, branches, and clusters of mountain ash. Even from the thought of such a wedding wails with warmth and comfort. Since the whole basis of the decor is natural, handmade will be very appropriate. As for the wedding meal, mother nature also comes to the rescue: apple cider, jars, apple and pumpkin pies, fresh berries and fruits, pancakes and many other goodies. The ceremonial arch is decorated with hay, branches, and flowers. Live flowers can also be put on festive tables.

Season: all year round

Main color: pastel colors

Flowers: field

Details: sheaves of hay, wooden benches, spruce branches and cones, decorated glass jars

The image of the bride: a young lady in a light cream or white dress without a corset and a skeleton, a chiffon dress with straps or lace sleeves, a wreath of wildflowers, a hairdo with braids, a minimum of ornaments, nude style makeup, shoes without a heel.

The image of the groom: a shirt with a rolled up sleeve, a bow tie, thick brown trousers with suspenders.

6. Seaside


A great wedding idea for residents of coastal areas or romantic couples wishing to conclude a family alliance on the beach. Such ceremonies have their appeal: warm sand, tickling feet, a sea breeze, waving hair and the setting sun, illuminating the faces of happy lovers. For a complete idyll, it remains only to agree with the administration of a nearby hotel about renting several chairs for guests. Creativity in the preparation of such a wedding is not required, the decor is enough for sand, seas, and shells. The dress code of such a wedding will be light and comfortable clothing. It is appropriate to offer a treat in the form of a buffet with light snacks and seafood. Worthy will also be the waiters, distributing mojito, juices with ice and other soft drinks.

Season: summer

Main color: white

Flowers: Lily

Details: umbrellas, beach wreaths, jars of sand, seashells

The image of the bride: a translucent white dress on thin straps, a tan, careless curls, hair clips and hair bands, blue smokie eyes.

The image of the groom: a light suit of white color

7. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

It so happened that due to severe frosts, the wedding ceremony for the winter period is planned by real extremals. Most newlyweds like the clear weather and the sunny sky. However, for the sake of cozy mittens, spruce cones, and photos in the snowy forest, sometimes it’s worth taking a chance. After all, the winter season is so amazing and many fabulous stories and magical happenings occur in the winter. The theme of winter wonderland is very simple because everything around already shines and sparkles. Just add decorations of fairy-tale decorations: silver vases, frosted glass candlesticks, snow-white tablecloths and spruce cones. Paint small sprigs of white paint from the aerosol and sprinkle salt crystals, adding glistening pebbles. Do not forget to muffle the light. In the presence of snow – replace the car with a sleigh. Glad your guests with hot mulled wine with cloves or hot chocolate with nutmeg. An excellent treat will also be warm apple cider, cocoa, and cookies with cinnamon.

Season: winter

Main color: blue and silver

Flowers: red rose, callas

Details: Christmas toys and ornaments Aromatic candles

The image of the bride: a dress with a lush skirt and corset, pearls, a sleeve, a short sheepskin coat, a crown or a diadem, a bouquet of fir cones.

The image of the groom: a black tuxedo, a dark gray or black coat.

8. Boho chic

Boho chic

A wonderful marriage ceremony with ethnic motives for creative personalities and hippies. The style owes its name to the Roma of Czech Bohemia and is the embodiment of the romance of the roads and the unbridled fantasy of the artist, combining many shapes and patterns, colors and shades. Decor for the ceremony is custom made manually. It can be compositions of dried flowers or flowers, wicker elements, garlands, kerosene lamps, dishes and plates of different shapes and sizes. For the style of boho chic is characterized by a combination of not combined, like wooden plates with silver cutlery. This gives an endless opportunity to experiment. Be brave, show creativity or watch several films by Emir Kusturica.

Season: spring

Main color: Fiesta

Flowers: Poppy

Details: decor with the ethnic motif, feathers, kerosene lamps and candles of all sizes and shapes, patchwork tablecloths and napkins

The image of the bride: a multi-layered silk, linen or chiffon dress with fringe, embroidery, and lace with a floral pattern, an abundance of massive bracelets, beads and rings, textile headbands and hoops, a careless hairdo, light makeup, woven sandals or beaded ballet dresses

The image of the groom: a linen shirt with an inclined sleeve and sandals

9. Indie


Indie-wedding – the ideal format of the marriage ceremony, both for representatives of this trend and for bright non-standard personalities. Choosing this subject for your wedding, you get an abyss of adventure, a non-standard entourage and some bewilderment from some guests. The last indie is not used. To surprise relatives and friends with their appearance, alas, will not work, because they are already accustomed to shocking. We will have to take guests to a non-standard approach to decorating, serving and drinking. As for the venue, there are no restrictions: a cozy coffee house, a picturesque park or a park, any comfortable place will suit you. Tables, chairs, and ottomans randomly spread throughout the territory. Do not forget to cover them with plaids. Serve cherry ale and kraft beer instead of champagne. For indie weddings, a “bare” cake made of dense cakes without mastic and glaze is suitable. It will be appropriate to supplement it with muffins and cap cases.

Season: autumn

Main color: coffee

Flowers: sunflower

Details: candy bar, food-food, cotton candy, cactus, wooden signs, bicycles, vinyl records

The image of the bride: colored strands in her hair, a shaven temple, buds in strands, tattoos, glasses, a hat on display

The image of the groom: tight pants with a low fit, glasses and a hat are also possible

10. Steampunk


Style steampunk consists not only of fancy hats and corsets. This is a separate subculture with a close interlacing: the Victorian era of England, post-apocalypse, mechanics and urban landscapes. At first glance, it seems that people imitating robots and cars are inappropriate at the wedding. But taking a chance on such a costume show – you will get the most unforgettable wedding in life. The choice of such subjects, however, is quite problematic, because even a stylized dress with a corset to buy in a conventional wedding salon will not work. Therefore, a steampunk wedding is only suitable for a small marriage ceremony. The venue is a small castle, an old building, an abandoned warehouse or a hangar. The severe steampunk style can be diluted by decorating the cake with cream roses and lace. Ideal snacks at such a wedding.

Season: autumn, spring

Main color: dark saturated tone

Flowers: tea rose

Details: any mechanisms, compasses, brass massive candlesticks, keys of different sizes, watches, umbrellas with ornate patterns.

The image of the bride: a hard corset, a bustle, a hat with feathers, leather ornaments, dark stockings or dense knee-highs, coarse boots with lacing or ankle boots on thick heels.

The image of the groom: a coat, a leather jacket, a suit with a vest or a long coat to choose from, massive rings, leather bracelets, pinions, a hat, a hat, a cap with goggles.

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