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Top free browsers: Everyone, even the most avid traveler wants to know that there are cozy, homey, warm place where he was waiting and would be happy to have him. Because the worldwide web has become a second home to us, this area we seek to domesticate and make for themselves. The main element of the decor of our “home” is a browser, it is able to give the features of comfort and specificity to our “housing.” He carries all the information about the owner, knows his interests, habits and all the secret stores of an Enigma.

There are too many browsers, and an inexperienced user is difficult to make a choice in favor of one or the other because this article aims to ease the mental anguish of users and to help make the right choice. Now we offer to evaluate our top 10 best free browsers based on user feedback.

Top 10 free browsers:

Google Chrome

Perhaps the most popular web browser with an intuitive interface, and easy to learn tools of personalization. The browser is not picky about the operating system, whether Windows, Mac OS or Linux, there is also a mobile app.

Due to the possibility of synchronization on all available user devices, all their you can easily carry. It is worth noting the speed of operation of the browser, which is implemented on the V8 for JavaScript. Also, the undoubted advantage is a function of the separation processes it supports stability. Much emphasis developers make questions about security because the browser is provided with all possible security protocols.


  • the Pepper plugin API (PPAPI);
  • JavaScript V8;
  • hidden “Incognito” mode;
  • integrated monitoring of tasks;
  • the ability to install extensions.


  • pop-UPS are not always blocked;
  • no integrated voice control and RSS;
  • no built-in feature gesture control and reproduce the text;
  • there is no support for NNTP.

Chromium browser

Internet browser, which is especially interesting for users with expertise in programming, as the open-source and open components, advanced users can do “wind.”

Chromium can boast of rendering HTML pages WebKitи good protection through the use of a sandbox, which is able to restrict the access of hacker attacks. Chromium gives you the opportunity to work with the HTTPS Protocol, there is an HTML5 specification and support X-Frame-Options API. Due to the realization of the multiprocessor architecture, the browser is working smartly and store “Ghost memories” of already completed plugins.


  • integrated task Manager and stats about memory;
  • function Blink for rendering;
  • support for HTML5 and X-Frame-Options API;
  • work with WebM, Theora, Vorbis.


  • does not play music formats AAC and MP3;
  • users complain of significant memory consumption.

Microsoft Edge

The brainchild of Microsoft imposes on the browser to all Windows users 10. This online survey, as stated by the developers, designed for comfortable and economical work on laptops, not connected to the power supply. It has all the typical features of “good browser” because often sinks into the soul users. For users who are “stuck” to this browser created also versions for iPhone and Android.

Thanks to the “quick access” and intuitive search, the user can easily find the necessary information to get to your favorite site and be updated with the latest events. Also worth noting is the comment function directly on the web page.


  • you can control the mouse gestures;
  • there is an edit mode of the pages;
  • SmartScreen;
  • integrated Cortana.


  • no full-screen view;
  • there is no possibility of authorization;
  • a limited number of available extensions;
  • works only on version 10 Windows.

Mozilla Firefox

The web browser works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. The developers stated that he is able to work quickly with minimal resources. There is a function to import data for quick transition from another browser to Mozilla.

By synchronizing on all types of devices, the user’s bookmarks will always be at hand. Works with all available protocols, with HTML5, supports voice control. If you upgrade all user data is stored, but the installed extensions may not be preserved, and you have to reinstall. Thanks to the mode “private browsing,” the secret life of the user and will remain a mystery.


  • adaptive interface;
  • library extensions and built-in plugins;
  • built-in reading mode.


  • after updating some extensions may not persist;
  • users report noticeable deceleration in the work;
  • too resource pool.


Internet browser with an emphasis on speed and maximum functionality. The user will especially appreciate these features: ad blocker, free VPN.

The browser works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, iOS and Android systems, also system administrators will appreciate the version for the USB drive. Available for user extension library for every taste and color.

A key feature of the browser is considered to be Turbo mode which significantly facilitates the work in the Internet users with low Internet speed. Safety features fully responsive and customizable, each user can customize everything for themselves.


  • Turbo mode;
  • free VPN channel;
  • have the ability to control the mouse gestures and voice;
  • reproduction of text.


  • often ignores malicious sites;
  • system requirements are too high.


The browser from Apple, which by default is attached to the laptops Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. The program is fully compatible with iCloud, which allows you to work on any Apple device. The browser boasts support for Netflix and HTML5 video, recognizes the hype and malicious algorithms, and does not allow them to collect data about the user.

The hallmark can be called using the search resource DuckDuckGo, which retains full privacy surf the web. Thanks to Sandbox each web page is assigned its own process because malicious actions are entered on one page will not be redirected to another. Support Touch ID aims to please fans of online shopping Safari with him to shop a pleasure.


  • HTML5 and Netflix;
  • full synchronization with iCloud;
  • use the search engine DuckDuckGo
  • built-in Apple Pay and AirPlay.


  • having problems opening pages, created under Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer;
  • slow loading of the browser;
  • you can’t copy fully the contents of the web page.

Yandex browser

Internet browser based on the Blink engine. The browser, as in no other, as huge number of fans and haters, most likely, due to the fact that the installer of the browser is often sewn in even the most innocuous program. However, if you do not touch the fact of aggressive attempts to capture the market of browsers, it is worth noting that he has a lot of positive qualities. Also, as in Opera, there is a Turbo mode, which is an advantage, and even if you have high-speed Internet, the hindrance will not be all.

Based on the search queries of the user on the screen is formed by a selection of news which will interest the user, so that you can be kept informed of all news. Protect the technology that is used to secure the Internet, check the sites and files for viruses and blocks sites scams. Because of its library of extensions, the browser can not boast, it is adapted to the extension of Google Chrome and Opera.


  • synchronization of different devices;
  • supported formats for reading PDF, DOC, RTF, FB2, ePub;
  • intuitive search engine.
  • Punto Switcher built-in for spell checking;
  • working with Adobe Flash player.


  • it is impossible to reproduce a text;
  • does not provide the function of voice control;
  • there is no support for the NNTP Protocol.


Lightweight and fast Web browser open source, which undoubtedly will please the programmers. Created a browser based on the Gecko engine and has its own macro language. Were created mainly for Windows users, but can be used on Linux in the Wine environment, but with some functional limitations.

The browser is able to capture unwanted pop-UPS, spyware and ActiveX controls. The developers claim that the browser is able to operate without spending much of your computer resources, so it can run on very old PCs. Experienced users will be able to appreciate a library of macros and modules for blocking ads. You can import data from other browsers to install extensions from Firefox. For some users will be useful the ability to work with multiple pages within one window.


  • Gecko;
  • unique macro language;
  • Windows-GUI;
  • working with plug-ins np*.dll;
  • works with flash, PDF, java, Windows Media, and others.


  • the design of the program, few will appreciate;
  • to find new applications will have to spend a lot of time and effort.


This browser will be appreciated by lovers to communicate in social networks and to be always in the circle of friends. Works on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, iPhone and Android, supports full synchronization on all devices. Can be given to friends not to be distracted from surfing the Internet all thanks to panel the chat bar.

You can edit the list of chat friends, to switch between social networks, to personalize the browser, and in the event of an emergency or accidental stop operation, the browser always resumes. Through integrated services, it is possible to change the design of the design as the user wishes. Music lovers will especially appreciate the built-in music player VK.


  • personal social networks;
  • the chat bar for communication in social networks;
  • lock the hype.


  • the high cost of RAM;
  • cluttering up the hard drive of unnecessary garbage, which reduces the speed.

Tor Browser

Free Internet browser TOR with the so-called onion-routing. The browser is ideal for homegrown secret agents, or people with an obsession that they are being watched, as it creates an anonymous network connection. Runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, there is a portable version for the USB drive. The browser boasts of using a built-in VPN connection and a system for the triple data encryption that pass through a distributed network of servers. The user is given the opportunity to choose proxy-tunnel and IP address. Thanks to the full protection providers, phishing, spyware, and analysis services, all user data are protected.


  • complete anonymity in the network;
  • onion-routing;
  • a unique IP address, with a choice of geological;
  • built-in bug tracker.


  • works only on the SOCKS Protocol.

Every day the browser market is replenished with new creative ideas and creations, and then everyone for themselves must decide what is interesting and important to them. We hope that our article has somehow helped you with this.

Please let us know which one is your favorite among all the 10 browsers.

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